Fault: HDD or power supply?

  peabody 21:26 01 Jul 2009

I've been getting the situation where the PC emits a 'click-er, click-er' sound for some moments, the HDD light is solid and the PC eventually freezes and needs a re-boot. I assumed it was the HDD on the blink. However, occasionally the PC just powers off and re-boots itself, as if the power was lost for an instant.

Could this be 2 separate faults, the HDD or the power supply? Or something else?

Any ideas? Thanks

  Technotiger 21:35 01 Jul 2009

It could be either, but I think most likely the Hard-drive is telling you it is about to die. Not easy to tell without trying it in another PC or in a USB caddy.

I hope you have anything important backed-up!

You could of course try another PSU to see if that cures it - which-ever way is easiest for you.

  peabody 22:17 01 Jul 2009

Yep - I use Ghost weekly to back up the drive. I think I'd better look at a replacement HDD. Thanks

  Graphicool1 08:35 02 Jul 2009

If it powers off, it sounds like you might have a problem with over heating. Check all your fans, see if they're working properly. I've lost three HDD's to heat. I now have 6 on board fans.
1 at the front,
1 at the back,
1 on each of the two HDD's,
1 on the PSU and
1 on the CPU.
The one on the CPU and the one at the back have heat sensers. They speed the fans up and down depending on the internal situation.

  peabody 11:52 02 Jul 2009

Interesting re the over-heating - the last time it powered off was the day before yesterday with the room temperature at about 28c. I'll take note of this - thanks.

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