Fatal Exception Occurred

  Michael_R 17:29 27 Feb 2004

I have started to get the following on shut down of my Dell Latitude CPx J750 Win 98.
I get the BSOD and then the message:A fatal exception 0D has occurred at 0028:C00028C6 in VXD VMM(01)+000018C6. I then press "enter" and the computer reboots and then allows me to shut down again normally. It is a very intermittent fault.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 17:33 27 Feb 2004

Try the system file checker





When it begins, choose scan now and see what it comes up with. You will need your Win98 CD.

  Michael_R 17:42 27 Feb 2004

Thanks for a very swift suggestion, I should have listed some of the things I have tried.
Disc cleanup of all temp files, defragment, SFC, reloaded Graphics drivers as the MS site seemed to indicate that it might be graphics related. Reloaded Activ Sync 3.7.1 (for my PocketPC)as the previous versions of this were somewhat flakey.


  Pidder 18:35 27 Feb 2004

Have you used Scandisc with the option to "automatically correct errors" ticked, I find it seems to keep my 98SE on the straight and narrow.(touch wood)

  woodchip 18:43 27 Feb 2004

This sounds like a program that windows is having problem with when you try to close windows. Go to Start/Run type MSCONFIG and go to startup tab remove all the ticks exept System Tray and AV then try closing windows a couple of times. if it's then OK put back items one at a time until you get the problem back you then know the problem program

  Michael_R 18:08 28 Feb 2004

Thanks for your help and suggestions. But while attempting to resolve the problem my hard disc crashed. I now will have to buy a new hard drive and reload w98. I am sure this will solve the problem :-). I am having to compose this rsponse on my PDA. Thanks again

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