Fatal Exception 0E at 016F:BFF9DFFF

  marston 09:41 14 May 2003

In searching the site archive I find there was a question on this subject from Barmoor.The thread seemed to point to graphics but was inconclusive and petered out.
Since I have the same problem-in that the memory location(?)is identical-I wondered if we could have another go at it please.
I have had the problem as long as I have had the computer-but intermittent/spasmodic varying from several times a day to several weeks trouble free.
The system hangs and the original error message is always as per title.If you press buttons as instructed it leads to a variety of faults(GPF/IPF)caused by a variety of programs(TAPISRV/MSIMN/EXPLORER/CTLAUNCH)in one of two other programs(GDI.EXE/KERNEL32.DLL)but you always have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to recover.
My graphics card is MATROX MILLENIUM G450AGP 32MB DDR DUAL HEAD.Mobo is QDI10B/F using Via chipset VT82C694X,VT82C686B.OS is W98SE with PIII 1GHZ and 256MB memory.
All thoughts/info as to where this leads gratefully received.

  Lú-tzé 10:22 14 May 2003

click here for a possibility...

Does it happen in safe mode? Read the above if so.

  marston 18:15 14 May 2003

It has never happened in safe mode.But then again,I have not spent significant time in safe mode.You do not have to resort to safe mode to recover.Ctrl-Alt-Del restarts it in the normal mode-until the next time.
Anyone else have any ideas/pointers/advice please.

  jazzypop 19:15 14 May 2003

Here is a very comprehensive set of troubleshooting links for Fatal Exception OE errors - click here

(One succesful remedy was to remove Norton Cleansweep from the taskbar!)

  marston 09:03 15 May 2003

Thanks for your contributions.I have now read both your links.These show there are at least 4 people in the world which have the exact problem in the title,even though what provokes it in both their experience and mine is somewhat variable.
I wonder if a way forward might be the factor that is constant in all cases i.e.016F:BFF9DFFF.
Can someone confirm to this ignoramus what exactly this number is please(Is it a memory location)? Secondly can anyone explain what the significance of the particular number/location is-in that it seems to be the location for a variety of programs to get into conflict and cause the Fatal Exception 0E?

  jazzypop 21:06 15 May 2003

Yes, it is a particular memory address (location).

This may be because the common component is your graphics card driver, which always tries to write to that specific memory address.

It may equally be that a specific Windows file, such as a dll, is always present at that memory space. When the software error occurs (because of badly-written code), it is always the same dll that becomes corrupted, and therefore Windows reports the problem in the same place.

  eccomputers 11:30 16 May 2003

Why is ctlaunch attempting something when you have a matrox card?
I am confused, you say you have a matrox video card but what sound card do you have?
Do you have a creative labs sound card?
Look in control panel/add remove programs and see if any creative labs programs are in there.
Also, have you recently changed hardware?
Look in the registry under local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run and on the right side, delete the ctlaunch line.
Start/run and enter regedit to start registry editor. You have a serious conflict somewhere.
In control panel/system/device manager, how many display adaptors are listed, and how many sound cards?

  marston 12:28 16 May 2003

Thanks your contribution.Sorry to be confusing.In my original message I was trying to summarise an intermittent and somewhat variable problem that has occurred many times over a long time.Similarly the system description was a bare bones summary.Before I mess with the Registry let me supply you with the specific information you ask for.Yes I have a Creative Labs sound card.Control Panel/add remove programs describes it as Soundblaster Live! value.Control Panel/system/device manager under display adaptors list only Matrox Millenium G450 Dual head English.Under Sound Video and Game controllers it lists two.Creative SB Live! series and Wave device for Voice modem.
With this extra info I hope you can help further.Many thanks.

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