fatal error+hotfix pt2

  carlinglover 15:58 04 Apr 2004

my neighbour (who is even more niaive on pcs than i am) took the advice of a drunkern friend and deleted all her windows hotfixes from add/remove progs and since shutting down for the night cannot start up her pc and has the msg of fatal error you have x amount of seconds to shut down etc... is there anywaywe can help her fix this major mess up... im not sure if it is to do with the wins hotfixes but any ideahow to fix the fatal error problem? thanks for any help offered

the list of some of the errors are as follows
1.a required file DLL file PNCRT.DLL was not found
2. one of the library files needed to run the application cannot be found UNICOWS.DLL
3.. ERROR LOADING C:/windows/system/msa64/chk.dll cannot be found
4.. error loading C:WINDOWS/SYSTEM/MSHTMPRE.DLL cannot find file

any ideas how she can repair this daft mistake... thanks again guys

  Diodorus Siculus 16:03 04 Apr 2004

Time to try a reinstall / repair of the OS. Boot with the CD and try to repair...

  carlinglover 16:29 04 Apr 2004

well ty all for help hopefully they will listen next time when we say to them if it isnt broke etc.. and dont fiddle or delete things you dont know.. cheers again

  fuzzyone 16:42 04 Apr 2004

click here

click here

these may help you with a couple of the problems.

  Indigo 1 16:58 04 Apr 2004

It's always nice to make a complete backup of everything on the PC once it is set up and fully updated, just in case this kind of thing happens again.

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