Fatal Error - Head Failure

  Stoneywood 15:13 10 Jan 2008

Can anyone tell me anything about the above message on my Lexmark Z53 software?
The cartridges look ok and should still have enough ink.

  Diemmess 15:50 10 Jan 2008

Probably means new printing head needed = New Printer.

With the proviso that error messages are not always what they seem!

Sometimes the software or printer's own firmware can get into a useless loop, but I have no idea how to prove this apart from the obvious plodding steps:

1) Reboot
2) Uninstall & reinstall software
3) Try makers troubleshoot suggestions.
4) Hope someone with the experience offers better than I can.

  Stoneywood 16:30 10 Jan 2008

Seems to be the black cart.
Thought I had fooled it by re-fitting it and stating that it was new.
Printed two pages, then gave same message.

  Diemmess 17:01 10 Jan 2008

Something like Print Head failure is normally full stop - no joy.

Hopefully one of the cartridges is not delivering what it should, so an ink pathway is blocked or partially so.

Head cleaning rountines are expensive on ink and it might be better to clean its mating surfaces, both printer and cartridge with a cotton bud moistened with clean water plus (if you have it) a few drops of Isoproyl Alcohol.

Persistence and patience like getting things clean and after one more head cleaning routine leave it alone ovenight for all airlocks to disappear.

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