Fat32 reading/writing to NTFS partition

  Flopper 13:15 19 Jan 2006

I have had to replace my son's Secondary master HDD with a new unformatted Maxtor 80GB and with XP the only option is to format using NTFS. the Primary (bootable) master (C:) drive is FAT32. I seem to remember there are implications for reading and writing to each other but I cannot remember what they are. If the C: is left as FAT32 will it be able to read/write to the NTFS drive and vice-versa.
My son only uses it to Windows Messenger his online chums, download and upload music and to watch rude films when his Mum and I are not looking.

  Skyver 13:27 19 Jan 2006

XP will read and write NTFS partitions no problem, Windows 98/ME don't natively support NTFS.

  Flopper 13:37 19 Jan 2006

So to confirm then: a FAT32 drive (C:) will be able to 'see' and write to/read from an NTFS drive and vice versa?

  pj123 13:54 19 Jan 2006

No, I don't think so. An idea is to download a Win98SE boot disk from click here

Put the new disk in as Master. Set the BIOS to detect it and also set it to start from Floppy.

Put the boot disk in and Fdisk, Partition and format the disk.

Once all done set the new disk to slave and the original to master.

  DieSse 14:22 19 Jan 2006

Windows XP can run NTFS and FAT32 drives together. It doesn't matter whether XP is actually on a FAT32 or an NTFS partition (or drive) - it can work with both.

  Flopper 14:29 19 Jan 2006

Thanks all.

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