FAT32 or NTFS for my external USB hard drive?

  Chewie100 22:37 26 Sep 2004

I have just bought an external LaCie 250gig d2 hard drive. I am planning on archiving my cd collection with my Win XP pc, but I will be using a Mac in the future. Does anyone know if I should format the drive with FAT32 to allow accessing the files (which will be WMA'S) on a Mac later on, or NTFS? Does it matter??!!
Pleeeease help!

  jimv7 23:50 26 Sep 2004

If your going to use the drive with other operating systems then stick with fat32.

  Chewie100 00:28 27 Sep 2004

Thanks for your response Jim. Am I right in thinking that there is a limit to the partition size you can have with FAT32, and a limit to individual file sizes? Are there any other issues I should know about that could affect the way I want to use the hard drive?

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