Fat to Ntfs

  paddy75 15:05 23 Sep 2004

After buying and installing a bigger hard drive i do not know which to go for.My old 30g hard drive was cloned onto my new 120g drive as a 30g partition,i switched the drives around and checked that everything was working,formated old drive and this is now spare storage.New drive partition 1 with operating system is fat32 the rest is ntfs.The problem is i have upgraded from 98se to xp if i have to do a reinstall how would i go about it.Paddy

  JonnyTub 15:10 23 Sep 2004

just convert it to ntfs, it's better in the long run not to mention file size limitations on fat32

  JonnyTub 15:12 23 Sep 2004

a reinstall works on both fat32 and ntfs and differently partitioned hard drives either way.

  Jeffers22 16:26 23 Sep 2004

Do not convert C: to NTFS. If ever you need to reinstall XP you are up the creek. As your XP is an upgrade from 98 you will need to have a previous version of Windows on the PC for the upgrade to work. Win9x and DOS cannot be seen by NTFS. You will not be able to reinstall 98 into a NTFS partition to allow a subsequent reinstall of the XP ugrade version

By all means convert a subsequent partition to NTFS if you don't want the 2Gb file size limit of FAT32, but if it is a home computer and you are the only one using it the greater security of the NTFS file system is probably not necessary and in the longer run has huge potential to give you grief.

  ventanas 16:52 23 Sep 2004

Of course you will be able to reinstall, I've done it many times. Just reformat the drive back to fat32, if you have to put an earlier version of Windows back first. But there is no need to do this anyway. During any reinstallation of XP all you need do is insert the qualifying media (previous Windows disc) when asked.

Go ahead and convert. Its a far better file system. Just open a command prompt and type

convert c: /fs:ntfs

You will be told that it cannot be done because the volume is in use. Choose to convert at the next restart. You will also need to know the volume name to insert when asked. Answer yes (y) to any other questions.

  Gongoozler 18:28 23 Sep 2004

Hi ventanas. Is there any risk of losing data when converting fat32 to ntfs?

  ventanas 08:38 24 Sep 2004

Never happened to me. Must have done it about ten times. There is a total loss of everything when going the other way (ntfs to fat32).

The only problem I have had is with Outlook 2002. It had the wrong version of a .dll on two machines. Running a repair fixed it both times.

You will see some screens that maybe you wouldn't have seen before. Be patient and don't panic. :-))

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