FAT 32 partion on Laptop hard drive w/ XP HELP!

  [email protected] 15:26 05 Apr 2008

My Mum's laptop has a 40GB hard drive. It runs very slowly so I went to defrag it for her. In Defrag it shows that the file system is FAT 32 and the hard drive is split in two one is named Acer C and the other Acer Data D. The C drive has only 7% space left on it and the D has 98% space! Can the partition be removed? If not how do you best utilise this?
Also the C drive cannot be defragged as it "may be corrupted", any ideas here also?
Many thanks in advance!

  Ditch999 15:36 05 Apr 2008

Create a folder on D:\ and call it Mum or something. Move the My Documents folder (R click > Properties > Move) from C:\ to D:\ and select the option to Move when asked.

  brundle 15:38 05 Apr 2008

Run Scandisk to check the drive; click here

Check what's using the largest proportion of HD space with this; click here

Click the `EXE` button, it won't need installing (and taking up even more space) - you can just run it.

  [email protected] 15:48 05 Apr 2008

Thanks will try both. If I move my documents will I need to delete them in the C drive? Am I right in sayingit only copies when "Moving" between drives? Could she install progs to the d drive now? Thanks!

  Ditch999 16:16 05 Apr 2008

When moving the My Documents folder it should give you the option of Copying or Moving. It is moving you want and that will move everything to the D: partition. Copying will leave everything on the C: drive as well as putting it on the D: drive. You can install programmes to the D: drive but it is not recommended. Try deleting temporary files and Internet Explorer Files as well Start > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

  tullie 16:24 05 Apr 2008

If theres very little in my documents,is there any point?

  Ditch999 16:32 05 Apr 2008

In this case there is. Any space freed up will be welcome and due to the other problems re defragmenting, if you have your Documents on a separate partition you can format the C: drive and reinstall Windows if necessary and your documents will be left intact on the D: drive.

  brundle 17:30 05 Apr 2008

XP itself should use about 4-6GB, there must be something else using the space. Turn off hibernation if it's never used, that will save a big chunk of HD space (equal to the memory installed in the laptop). click here

  Quiller. 17:37 05 Apr 2008

reduce the size of system restore. It will be using nearly 2.5gig of the C drive. Drop it down to just under 1gig.

Also run Ccleaner click here It is free and will clean out all your temp stuff.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 05 Apr 2008

If only 7% left on drive thats why it wont defrag.

After moving MY documents also move the page fle to the D drive, click here
that will help speed things up.

Use Ccleaner click here to get rid of rubbish on the drive.

  Eric10 18:35 05 Apr 2008

Even if there seems to be very little in My Documents, it's still worth moving it because the D: drive will then become the default location for future saves. Also, there may be more than you think since My Pictures and My Music are inside the My Documents folder.

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