- should it be on my pc?

  wots it all about 23:30 17 Oct 2005

Me again. I just did a hijack this log of my pc as my internet connection has been playing up (see other thread re btyahoo browser)and amongst other things it shows click here. I did a search on the net and could only come up with the following

"The server for WareOut—and its sister application PopClose ( by ‘Rove Digital’—is hosted in a netblock at at EstHost (, in the netblock), which also serves myriad hijacker sites, security hole exploits and blog-spammers connected to CoolWebSearch. It is in fact only one IP address away from the group of hijackers that installs WareOut by security holes. For this reason it is believed that Coteco/Rove (who seem to have no other presence; Rove are not related to are simply another name for this CWS affiliate."

(courtesy of click here )
So. I assume i should remove it?
Any help please!

  SANTOS7 23:35 17 Oct 2005

click here
tp://click here
click here
click here
shredder will take care of coolwebsearch if you do not have the other progs use them they will go a long way to keeping your PC spy/malware free..

  SANTOS7 23:36 17 Oct 2005

So. I assume i should remove it?
forgot, YES!!

  SANTOS7 23:44 17 Oct 2005

click here
this will also help,good luck..

  wots it all about 23:49 17 Oct 2005

Thanks for that, but I do already have those removers! I have done a full system scan with all my nasty hunters, and this log was done after that.
I have adaware, spybot, spywareblaster, a2, btyahoo antispy, microsoft antispy, CWS,Ccleaner, oh and AVG. No I'm not paranoid...well maybe a bit. I do have Error Nuker as well, which causes a bit of a debate on safety sometimes I know! Oh and The Ultimate Troubleshooter. And Evidence Eliminator. Perhaps I should stop now....

  wots it all about 23:59 17 Oct 2005

Have just run the last link and sure enough it found fastsearchweb, but it wants me to pay to remove it? Should I do it?

  SANTOS7 00:09 18 Oct 2005

Bit of overkill me thinks, you reallly do not need half the stuff you have mentioned and NO do not subscribe for a m, we will have to delve a little deeper into your prob..

  Number 7 00:14 18 Oct 2005

Don't bother paying- if you do it still won't remove it.

Have your other scanners detected fastsearchweb and have been unable to remove it?

If that's the case then click here and download and install HijackThis in its own folder, say Program Files/HijackThis.

Run the program and save the resulting log.

Post the log here click here in the Malware Removal forum- the first one.

Await advice from one of the specialists.

  SANTOS7 00:20 18 Oct 2005

hate these speed typers LOL,Number 7 has hit the nailon the screw, post a HJT log to the link and hopefully Nelly2 (an absolute diamond) or someone
more conversant with HJT logs will rid you of your problem, thanks Number 7...

  Number 7 00:29 18 Oct 2005

Sorry, I see you've already run HijackThis.

Check it's the latest version and post the log in the forum I've linked to.

Hi SANTOS7, if all the anti-spyware wots it all about has can't get rid of it, then it's time for the big guns!

  SANTOS7 00:36 18 Oct 2005

Nafarious little creature this and no mistake, the HJT way is the only option i can see at the moment..

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