fastest pc's help and advice wanted

  rallysport 12:40 24 Feb 2007

hi all,
after some advice on what is the current fastest machines about, its not for gaming but for deesign work.
I work with CAD and now have a situation where my current amd62x2 with 2gb ram and 256 graphics dedicated cant redraw in acceptable times (like its now taking 30 seconds!)
im confused by the quad core badging on intels, isnt this the same as amd's dual core 64 on the basis of intel classing 32 bits as one processor
ie: if i understand correctly, a quad core intel is the same as a amd dual core 64 (accepted that they have differnt speed claims per ghz quoted)
if so where do i go from my amd64x2 (4200)to get better processor speed and image redraws or do i just add more memory and a bigger graphics card?
any help please.....

  Technotiger 12:55 24 Feb 2007

Hi, I am not techi enough to differentiate between dual core - quad core or whatever, but I would first ask the question 'How clean is your pc?' A good clear out of temp files, junk and a good defrag can add a fair bit to speed to any pc.
If your mobo can handle more RAM, then that would help a bit too. In addition a large capacity hard-drive also helps.

  rallysport 12:59 24 Feb 2007

the machine is quite clean
we only use it for 1 program for this task
we use 3 other machines for other jobs, ive looked at creating a hub with the 4 machines but cannot get into it at all to see if its possible, i dont think the software will support it anyway

  Technotiger 13:11 24 Feb 2007

Sorry I can't help further, from what I can see with my limited experience, you do already have a pretty good machine for the job. Only other word I can say is 'Power Mac', or is that two words.

Good luck anyway.

  wee eddie 13:34 24 Feb 2007

That multi core processors need software that is designed to be able to take advantage of them.

However two things strike me.

Firstly: That you only have 2GB of RAM which could be regarded as under par for most CAD Software. 4GB+ would do you better better and is relatively inexpensive.

Secondly: You appear to have only 256MB of dedicated "on-board" graphics. CAD work needs as much Graphics Processing ability as is available. A scan through the CAD Trade Press should give you the names of suitable Graphics Cards, but you could end up spending £200+ for one of these.

  woodchip 13:51 24 Feb 2007

32bit as nothing to do with core. Quad means four, Dual two. So in theory four should work soother and faster than two.

Core is the CPU’s per chip

  rallysport 13:59 24 Feb 2007

hi eddie
firstly as i understand it, and i may be totally wrong, cad doesnt actually need that much video memory as its not moving objects like games do, most cad programs only require 64mb its processor speed thats needed to recalculate the modified drawing, the video side of things is mainly stationary unless you a mouse clicker! who likes to move the object constantly but thats normally a sign of inexperiance of the user.
the 2mb is limited by the laptop i currently use in my enviroment where i go to my clients and work from home the rest of the time. i realise that more mb does speed it up but that is not my understanding of my need to replace my machine.

As a good basis for my next pc i want to use a cluster? perhaps at least something that is dual processor ie 2 chipsets, then i want to use 32 bit (as i understand it the cad cannot make use of 64 bit as i see 32 and 64 bit versions of pro-e wildfire are available) and on this note cannot work out the current xeon quad core term, is this just a dual core 64 as amd would call it.
Current thought is
a tyran 2895 dual chipst mobo
4* 2mb ddr3 (cost over the 4mb versions)
a nvidia quadro 1mb g/card
and a 72mb 15k hard drive
this is a amd route obviosly the mobo takes 2 opteron chips socket 940 but i do not know the differance between the opteron and the 64x2 fx chipsets nor the socket 940 will that take a am2?

  wee eddie 14:03 24 Feb 2007

Which is it to be?

  woodchip 14:07 24 Feb 2007

Intel Duo or quade are currantly the fastes chips. I run AMD on my 98se but Intel in other desktop and laptop running XP. AMD are having a hard time at the moment trying to keep pace with Intel Speed

  rallysport 14:41 24 Feb 2007

im using a laptop as i go out on site a lot, this current project is too much for the laptop so im looking to go over to a desktop at my home office and use the laptop to demo on site or for smaller projects.
this is a fully surfaced bodyshell which is 2m long by .75m wide and .55m high its currently in point cloud at 36mm spacing to be meshed for a cfd run and is taking around 35/50 seconds to redraw on movement alone and about 2 mins on modification, i can live with the redraw as i do not need to move the object about i know what im changing so its about 10 reprocesses versus one movement redraw, this section of the job is small (about 1 week) so once done the lower power of my current machines will be ok
the machine i buy will carry on being used in the office but there is much confusion about "need" versus "misconception"
the video card is the most common one, a fast vid card doesnt change it the image size is quite small in comparison to moving clips from games so i do not need to run to far and over spend in this field but fast bus speeds and a fast buffering hard drive is needed but i do not need size, our 80mb hd is only half full and once the job is done its all archived and wiped to comply with the confic's we work within.
its a specific machine requirement and the constant changing names and quoted speeds confusing.

so can anyone tell me this for sure
is a quad core intel 4x32 bit processors, or 4x64 bit, or is it the misquoted 2x64bit processors that the advertisng moguls like to misrepresent? ie the same as a amd 62 x 2?

  woodchip 14:44 24 Feb 2007

For the above you need a Intel CPU

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