Faster Hard Drives-worth putting in new laptop?

  buel 21:39 02 Dec 2009

Hi, i dont really know much about hard drive speeds, im about to buy a new laptop, would i be correct in thinking that the 'standard' hard drives have a speed of 5400rpm but you can buy hard drives with a speed of 7400rpm? Would it be beneficial to replace the standard one with a faster one? (many apologies if this is a stupid question!)

  MAT ALAN 22:07 02 Dec 2009

as for the performance, unless you are constantly using hard drive intensive apps such as large databases or using the hdd for page file memory you will not really notice a difference.
start up and when loading some apps may be slightly quicker but really it will not be that great and if i were you i would spend the money on a lappy with as much hdd space as your budget will allow...

  Simsy 22:17 02 Dec 2009

That the faster ones use more power, so yo'd get less time per battery charge.



  AL47 23:38 02 Dec 2009

the hdd speed impacts very little on battery life

i upgraded my laptop from an 80gb 5400 rpm to a 500gb 7200rpm, buffer size is more important [i htink] i have a 16mb

  AL47 23:39 02 Dec 2009

i do a lot of file transfers etc, and so i just got the faster one, but i doubt itll make too much difference

  woodchip 23:57 02 Dec 2009

I changed a 4200rpm 30 gig to a 7200rpm 60gig in a Medion this was a new computer at the time and it was like giving it a new lease of life and on it does not use any more power, not enough to notice. The old drive was just constant thrashing after starting Drive running all the time a slow booting, you name it and it did it. I used Acronis the Image the Old Drive to a External USB drive fitted the New one then Restore the Image to the New one

  Simsy 06:41 03 Dec 2009

on the power issue.

If you're also changing capacity, there may be a difference with the number of platters... This may make a difference to the amount of mechanical movement in the drive, and this may may alter the speed of data throughput... whether for better or worse I have no idea!



  jack 08:20 03 Dec 2009

So it is left well alone untill that expires at least.
Having said that The machine- any machine is designed with a discrete set of components for best peromance for the spec.
Any change for perciiedved imporovement may not work as hoped - may even make things worse

I guess you have swallowed the 'Techo- upgrade '
Dont worry we all have at some stage - the effect does not last.
just let the machinee you have do its thing - or dig deeper and get a better one - after Christmas in the 'Sa'es'

  woodchip 14:14 03 Dec 2009

not all, it depends on who made it. And in my case the drive could still go back in as if it had never been removed but think it will be out of warranty now seeing as its about 4to5 years old laptop that only had a 12monthes warranty with it.

PS I use the Laptop drive as a Mobile Drive in a usb Caddy. Still as the OS etc just as it was when I took it out

  retep888 16:20 03 Dec 2009

Save your money and stick to your 5400rpm,you won't see/notice any improvement from upgrading to 7200rpm.

You might do if it's from 4200 to 7200,consider a SSD upgrade when the price drops but even that depends,you won't notice it when you got used to it.:-(

  AL47 18:46 03 Dec 2009

it doesnt invalidate dells warranty

i wouldnt upgrade to a SSD for years yet, capacity/expense/reliability

i went further, took my cd/dvd drive out and put another 500gb hdd in there = 1TB in a laptop

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