Faster Defrag on XP

  Prewch 05:17 23 Nov 2006

In the (good?) old days of Widows 98 Defragmenting could be speeded up vastly by shutting down everything except Explorer and Systray. Is there a similar way of speeding up Defragmenting on XP?

All thoughts welcome.

  pcbobby 06:32 23 Nov 2006

I found this one, but have seen any members mention it on the forum, so cannot say if it is any good.

click here

  birdface 09:00 23 Nov 2006

Yes I use it really Quick compared to other way, It Is from windows so should be safe, Try it , its free,

  birdface 09:56 23 Nov 2006

Hi go and have a cup of tea, When you come back its finished, Other version , go have a 3 course meal, Come back and wait for it to finish,

  Jackcoms 10:08 23 Nov 2006

I always come offline and disable AV before defragging.

To defrag a 40Gb HDD, once a week, takes 10 minutes (if I'm unlucky).

How long does yours take?

  Confab 11:30 23 Nov 2006

Safe mode perhaps?

  Prewch 11:55 23 Nov 2006

Many thanks for suggestions. In answer to Jackcoms question: I also have 40Gb HDD but after 3hrs yesterday only 15% was defragged so I left computer on overnight. I was up at 5.30 this morning and it had finished so I guessimate it took 12-14hrs.

  birdface 12:09 23 Nov 2006

Less than 10 minutes, But then I dont have a lot on mine.

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