does anyone use them for their ISP

  FatboySlim71 10:12 08 Apr 2008

I am thinking of changing ISP from Zen who I am finding at present are letting me down with very slow evening download speeds and a lack of response from the emails I have sent them asking them to look into it for me. I find this surprising from Zen as I have always been impressed with the service.

I have been considering after reading on the DSL Zone ISP ratings and saw them in first place. I contacted Fast and got a reply back within minutes, I provided my phone number whilst he done some checks and he told me the following,

"Your line should be offering you speeds of around 7Mbps (with a maximum 7150kbps profile) based upon the data the line is showing.

Your telephone exchange is not showing any capacity issues at this time, so based upon what you've said I would have to guess the slow speeds are due to your current ISP having speed issues on their network - something a few people have mentioned recently with the ISP you're with.

If you migrated over to us, as long as you were happy to work with us if you saw no immediate improvement (although I think you will) there is no reason why that line wouldn't offer you 7Mbps at all times - day and night."

My main question is, does anyone use for their ISP and if so how do you rate them in terms of consistency of speed and overall fastness at various times of the day (evening especially) and also any other information that you may think would be interesting. I realise that Fast are fairly expensive but I am willing to pay for quality service/customer service rather than deal with a big ISP who is may be cheap in price and poor in service.

I will add that the slow download speeds I have been seeing of an evening are ranging from between 690-1800 kbps, whereas before I had these problems I never went below 4000.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  Robbiecollie 11:10 08 Apr 2008

Yes I use fast five star rating local phone call rate for support and uk based the speed is a constant approx 5 Mbps expensive but the best always is

  FatboySlim71 11:18 08 Apr 2008

Thanks Robbiecollie for the reply its much appreciated.

Fast sound like the perfect ISP, I really want fast/consistant speeds of an evening as this is the main time that I use the net and from what I have read on the DSL Zone ratings/comments about they seem to be superb in that respect.

  David4637 13:36 08 Apr 2008

How much is there 7 Mbps service? Thanks David

  FatboySlim71 16:15 08 Apr 2008 is a upto 8 meg service.

click here

  tullie 16:20 08 Apr 2008

Theres no such thing as a perfect ISP.

  FatboySlim71 16:28 08 Apr 2008

But some ISP's are nearer to perfect than others!

  FatboySlim71 20:33 08 Apr 2008


  FatboySlim71 22:45 08 Apr 2008


  pk46 01:16 09 Apr 2008

fast UK can't fault them also IDNET are very good all have good speeds.

  FatboySlim71 08:46 09 Apr 2008

You mention that you get a constant approx 5 mbps. How far are you from your telephone exchange? the below link tells you your distance, albeit has the crow flies.

click here

With, do you notice a slowdown at peak times, its just I have heard that are very good at providing constant/stable speeds 24/7, also I see a quote on their website that says,

"Get fantastic speeds at all times with no speed drops, even during the evening and at weekends!"

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