Fast uploads, super slow downloads (Tiscali)

  nousername 12:14 27 Sep 2007

If anyone has come across the same problem i'd really appreciate your input here. About 4 days ago my 1meg broadband connection suddenly slowed right down to about 20kbps (download). My upload speed is normal (240kbps). Download speed is still around 20-50kbps since then. I phoned Tiscali several times and they reckon they can 'see' that i'm actually connected at 1.15mbps. I have tried everything to prove that it is nothing to with my end - tried a different laptop, checked for viruses and other bugs then disabled all firewalls and antivirus etc, deleted all cookies and temp files, used two different standalone modems (i normally use wireless but i've proved that there is no problem with that), plugged in directly to the main BT socket with/without a filter, changed all me i've tried everything. Phonecalls through the same line work perfectly, and because of this Tiscali tell me there can be no problem with my line for broadband. I have been doing speed checks via Tiscali's own speed checker and the one on the thinkbroadband site; the results either hang or come back as some ridiculously slow speed. Any suggestions before I blow a fuse?

  nousername 12:19 27 Sep 2007

Oh and by the way, I took my lappy into a net cafe and used the wireless connection there, and suprise suprise downloads and uploads were as fast as i'd have expected.

Perhaps they just weren't using Tiscali!

  rawprawn 12:19 27 Sep 2007

I was on Tiscali 8 meg, and my speeds slowed down to 1meg. I complaine 3 times to tiscali and nothing happened, so I asked for a migration number. They reduced my charge by £5 per month and my speed went back to the normal 6 mb download speed. I changed to btinternet because I felt that they were cheating me. I am now very happy with BT.

  nousername 12:26 27 Sep 2007

Im thinking of doing just that, but i'd need a new provider pretty quicksmart and one that won't put me on a minimum 6 or 12 mth contract

  Stuartli 16:03 27 Sep 2007

Ah, Tiscali.

Thankfully a name that's been out of my life for nearly two years...:-)

Try the click here speed tester.

  Stuartli 16:05 27 Sep 2007

Just tested my TalkTalk connection - readings were 6975kbps and 6960kpbs.

  nousername 16:32 27 Sep 2007

Just tried it, after 3 minutes of waiting for something to happen it peaked at 60kbps and then slowly died....and then just stopped at 65% complete. Wonderful.

Think i'm gonna be checking emails on me mobile phone from now on.

  Stuartli 23:49 27 Sep 2007

Out of curiosity (because TT was off-line for a short period this morning) I've just done another test - got 7224kbps...:-)

I've been on the LLU service from early March and these improve on the previous best of 6.4MB to (occasionally) 6.9MB over the past few months.

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