Farmhouse Wifi ?

  Boomshaka 11:16 04 Dec 2007

Hello all, firstly excellent forum, very useful indeed.

Right, I want to setup a wireless home network in the farmhouse and barns I'm renovating, I've got a 2mb adsl connection running into the farmhouse and I'd like to rig up a wireless router to transmit to the barn,

The problem is, its 40 metres away and the signal needs to get through 2 granite walls as well, I'm just wondering if anyone has ideas as to the best solution for this ?

I'm wondering if i need high gain antennae, external transmitters, or just a potent bit of kit to punch the signal through ! As I mentioned it's only a low speed adsl connection, so I'm not sure if signal loss will affect it much on a MIMO router ?

Oh by the way, I'm living in France and I'm not sure if the "Home plug" solution would be compatible over here.

Any thought's / ideas would be very much appreciated, thanks guys

  Kemistri 13:47 04 Dec 2007

Two granite walls? I have yet to see a wireless signal that can do that; with current standards, it would almost defy physics. After all, it is only a Ghz-range radio transmission. What you really need to do is run Ethernet cables between the buildings, enclosed in flexible pipes of some kind to keep them safe and allow easy replacement. Then a stick wireless access point at the end of the cable in each building that needs wireless access, or an Ethernet switch/hub if you decide that wifi is not needed. Since you are renovating the site, this seems like an ideal opportunity to install a really reliable solution.

  Kemistri 13:51 04 Dec 2007

Forgot to add that the cables can usually (and should) be installed under ground level. It won't take much digging to lay a small flexible pipe, as it won't need to be placed too far down. A mate of mine did this with great success during a barn conversion with a separate garage/workshop.

  Boomshaka 15:54 04 Dec 2007

Oh Poop !

Thanks Kemistri, I didn't realise I was messing with the laws of physics !
I did look into the hard cable idea earlier and thought the signal loss would be too much. I'll have to try your suggestion about the ethernet cables, ( It's a shame I just filled in the trench I dug for the power and water supply ! )

Many thanks again for the information and advice, you've saved me an expensive and ultimately pointless router purchase !

  Kemistri 16:04 04 Dec 2007

Ethernet should be OK over a 40m run. Pity about that trench!

A second but less than ideal possibility would be the use of external antennae attached to the routers, much like a TV aerial. Many, but far from all, routers have sockets for booster aerials or allow the replacement of existing antennae. The disadvantages, apart from the LAN speed difference versus Ethernet, may include the sight of external antennae on your nice barn conversions and possibly even local laws regarding radio transmissions and equipment, if they happen to be very restrictive. We're only talking about fairly small aerials, but their effects/limits should still be checked.

  Boomshaka 16:27 04 Dec 2007

Yep, I thought the external aerial idea might be a solution, but it's going to be quite a bit more pricey methinks,

I'll go with your cable idea and see if it does the job, one more quick question though, does anyone know if it would be best to go for Cat6 RJ45 cables, or would normal Cat5e cables do the job ?

  Kemistri 16:45 04 Dec 2007

Good old Wikipedia: click here Cat5e will run to 100m max. Cat6 is the same, but offers a slightly better spec in some other respects: click here I agree that the cabling has the potential (labour costs aside) to be the cheapest option.

  Boomshaka 16:51 04 Dec 2007

Kemistri, you're a true guru !

I've found a supplier here in France for Cat5e cable and it looks I'm getting out my spade again !

Thanks VERY much, once again.

  Kemistri 17:03 04 Dec 2007

Hey, no problem. Not sure that I'm a guru at anything though!

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