FARCRY, more demanding than DOOM3?

  BITS&BOBS 23:33 28 Aug 2004

Just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions to this problem.

My brother wanting to run newer games has recently bought a ATI Radeon 9800PRO.

Its in a AMD 2400+ 512MB PC2100 RAM set-up.

The problem is that when running DOOM3 the system will happly plan DOOM3 at High settings with everything turned on with 4xAA, high frame rates and no slow down.

Yet with farcry it will only run happy with medium settings with no Anti Analising, if settings are tried to be turned up with any AA it slows down.

I thought DOOM3 was more resource intensive of the 2 the card is using 3.9 catlyst and is cloccked at 378mhz core and 339mhz memory, any suggestions?

  dagwoood 01:33 29 Aug 2004

BITS&BOBS, I thought as you did that Doom 3 would be more demanding on your brothers hardware than Far Cry.

Your brothers system is running on older version Catalyst drivers, they're currently up to version 4.8. You could try downloading these from click here and see if that improves the situation.

There's a new feature in these drivers and that's Temporal AA. click here for an explanation. This feature should help when playing Far Cry.

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 01:37 29 Aug 2004

The above link if for Catalyst drivers that'll run on Windows XP. If your brothers on a different operating system, they're available from click here


  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:25 29 Aug 2004

I don't think it's a graphic card problem - I have both games and run a xp2700 with 1gb of pc2700 and a radeon 9700pro with no problems on high settings - I would suggest that you would make a big improvement on Far Cry with another 512mb of ram.

  BITS&BOBS 10:36 29 Aug 2004

Sorry I meant to say to say driver 4.8, still strange, dont get me wrong the image quality is still suberb but i really bigged up the radeon 9800pro to him and we thought that we'd be running everything, abit we are doom3, on high.

  BITS&BOBS 11:14 29 Aug 2004

I've been running a few 3DMark03 benchmarks this morning and the results are interesting:

V-sync off : All settings high : No AA 8X AF: Score 5468

V-sync off : All setting highest quality : 8X AA 8X AF: Score 3459

V-sync on: All settings medium: No AA 8X AF: Score 3346

Now all the results i'm happy with but what I notice is the performance drop with V-Sync on.
I'm using v-sync on as with out it, yes we get very high frame rates yet the screen becomes very jumpy with very distinctive visble lines in the screen that make it very un-enjoyable.

Now i'm not sure excatly what v-sync is but with it on the picture is perfect very smooth but will only run at slower settings?

The monitor is a generic tft so could it be a frequency issue or that it is just a cheap monitor?

Also looking at the 2 games Arthur Scrimshaw makes agreat point as FAYCRY is a much more open game that loads alot more level area each time and possible the fact the machines PC2100 RAM is slowing things down?

Thanks for all imput i'm really miffed at this at the moment as i'd love to have farycry running on high like DOOM3 but without v-sync on the picture quality does'nt warrent it yet DOOM3 seems to like v-sync and high settings fine?

any further suggestions?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:58 29 Aug 2004

My comments on the memory are based on my own experiences - I had the 1Gb of memory in before loading Far Cry so I can't guarantee a difference between that and 512mb, but I know that F/C uses ALL my free memory (approx 800mb) so it likes lots of ram. I have also read in reviews of the game and on message boards that 1Gb is highly recommended. As to your point about the speed of the ram - I guess it would make a difference although I don't know how big a difference - I suspect that quantity is going to be more important than speed.

Good luck with a solution.

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