FAO: Tomjerry for Laptop HDD second opinion Please

  Giggle n' Bits 19:22 13 Sep 2004

If anyone else other than TomJerry reads this and they are familiar with Laptop HDD replacements a second opinion would be appreciated.

Got this Dell Lattitude Laptop, which when powered on goes and does the Dell splash screen with the Blue/White Logo shows its Service Tag number etc then goes to a black screen and stops with a flashing undescore cursor (like a minus symbol " _ "

I think that the HDD has failed as it will not boot any further that this. Tried F8, F10 to get to somthing like a Safe mode or Command prompt but nothing.

Tried removing the battery for 5 mins seing it a reset with fix, but no still the same.

Ok, been out and bought a 20GB HDD but if I open it breaking the seal and find its not the HDD that is needed I cannot return for refund.

So my question is would you think this is a Dead HDD in the Dell Laptop.

Will call back later to check replies.

  jack 21:02 13 Sep 2004

When you start any computer the first thing you see on a black screen is POST[Post On Self Test}
This is the lines of white type telling about mwmnory, hard drive, ect.,
It then says looking for boot floppy OK
Then makers Splash
Then starts loading Windoze
If goes to makers splash the the HDD is running
it is another problem I think.
Check your BIOS settings

  Giggle n' Bits 21:38 13 Sep 2004

Will see if there is anything in the BIOS, think Dell website has access and BIOS screen settings but not sure.

Again thanks.

Oh, the memory test on the Dell is hidden with a the Dell splash screen as soon as power on. In the Dell splash screen there is a progress bar which goes from left - right similar to XP strobe on boot. Though this is not as far into a boot.

Will check la BIOS and report back. Thats when I put back the sus HDD in its cradle.

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