Liza 13:39 08 Mar 2005

My computer is built on an antec sonata 330w psu and consists of 1 ide drive, 1 scsi drive, 2 SATA drives, 2 (1 ram) dvd drives, a super 120mb drive, a floppy drive, a Hauppauge card, a sound card and graphics card.

I am worried about overheating. 2 fans are connected, one for cpu and one for the psu. In the manual it says try and avoid using more fans so as to reduce noise thus the system fan is not plugged on. It worries me however if overheating becomes a problem later. When I bought the 2 SATA drives I also purchased a fan but have not installed it. Not sure if I should. If I have to, does it have to be screwed on underneath one of the drives? Please advise. Thanks


  Modo 13:57 08 Mar 2005

Two SATA drives in adjacent bays really will build up some heat.

The best fans fit in a bay immediately below the drives.

Alternatively you can get blower type fans that fit in the case. I don't like these they are likely to blow dust all over the computer.

With that configuration you may need some semi-industrial heat extraction system.

I also note your PSU. Antec stuff is very robust. But I'd check you have enough power to cover all you have in that case. My guess is you may need to upgrade the PSU.

  gudgulf 14:24 08 Mar 2005

The best place for your fan is at the top of the case at the back,just below your power supply.there will probably be a set of holes and a grill already there.
Your power supply will be fine unless you want to fit a top of the range graphics Modo says Antec supplies are very robust.

What makes you worry about overheating? Are you having stability problems/system lockups etc?
If your system is running ok then you will probably not need to fit the extra fan if you want to keep noise to a minimum.What processor/graphics card/ram memory combination do you have as this will have a bearing on how much heat the system kicks out.

  Gongoozler 14:31 08 Mar 2005

Your manual may say to avoid using more fans than necessary, but surely you're the best judge of that. Fans are cheap, so if you think you need one, try it. Wherever possible use a slow spinning large diameter fan, it will generate a lot less noise that a fast spinning small diameter fan. When fitting additional fans always keep in mind the direction of air flow you are trying to create. Air is best sucked in at the front of the case, across the motherboard and out at the back of the case.

  961 14:48 08 Mar 2005

If you go into the BIOS (press del at boot up) you will see if there is a temperature monitor for the processor. You don't say what processor you have but generally speaking up to 60 deg C is ok with some Athlons running up to 75deg. Post your processor name here and someone will tell you what temp it will run to.

So far as fans go, the normal set up is to have one on the processor, one in the PSU and then one system fan at the back of the box to draw heat out of the system. Some systems have a fan at the front of the case to draw air in but quite often this results in an increase in the basic tempaerature of the system

If you don't have a system case fan to extract air from the back of the box then I would do that. Once you have done that then I wouldn't worry. If there is a problem then the system will start to freeze or not work well

  Modo 15:48 08 Mar 2005

A nice bit of beggarware for monitoring hdd temperatures from

click here

SATA drives can run at up to 60c. But they really do generate some heat and two of them together can get very hot. I've got a SATA sitting on top of my old UDMA hdd (I know logic should be colder lower but the bottom bay has a base under it and it overheats, whilst the upper bay has some air circulation)it regularly kicks up to 57c on hard work - not even gaming.

As for fans as Gongoozler says air in at the front out of the back. Computers are dust traps and putting fans inside that blows dust around is not ideal.

That said two SATA's may need soom cooling e.g.

click here={25EVEREST7BFD0B-91C3-4AE3-B016-A093F22C3A7D}&ic=291611&eq=&Tp=

  Modo 16:04 08 Mar 2005

just had a look at the fan in the link above.

It is described as weighing 5Kg!!!!

I think it will cause more trouble with that weight than the overheating problem.

  Liza 21:56 09 Mar 2005

Hello Gudgulf
Thanks. My system is running okay, no lockups. I am worried because I have so many components installed. I don't know if this is normal, when I put my hand over the grill on the back of the psu hot air flows out and from the grill (fan) below cool air flows out. Details of my computer are cpu AMD Athlon 1.24g 2800, Graphics: NVidia geforce FX5600XT 256 mb, memory: 1 gig.


  Liza 22:10 09 Mar 2005

Hello Modo,961,Gongoozler

Thanks for your help.
I opened the manual. It says the case has a 120mm cooling fan mounted in the rear and one optional 120mm mount in the front. The front should be installed so air is being pulled in from the front. Antec says not recommended unless necessary.I have found the mount which is behind the internal Hard drives.

Current system temperature is 34oC
Current CPU temp is 58oC

Processor is AMD Athlon 1.24 g 2800

Do you think I should buy a similar fan as the one connected by Antec by the psu?


  Modo 22:13 09 Mar 2005

& what are the hdd temperatures?

  gudgulf 22:48 09 Mar 2005

Warm air from the cpu exhaust and cool from the case fan is normal (There was me thinking you had no case fan at all!).Your system temp is good,but is that cpu temp under load? It should be ok up to around 65c but it does seem a little on the high side.Hopefully someone will know better and can correct me if I'm wrong here.A useful trick is to remove the side of the case and check your temps again.

If the cpu temp drops significantly then fitting the "optional" front 120mm fan would help ensure a good supply of cool air over those hard drives( I have one in my case--only 2 HD's)and might push cooler air across the cpu fan.....It might help reduce the cpu temp and ensure the hard drives stay cool.

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