fans and hetasinks - what one for athlon xp 3000

  davy_b 18:16 17 Feb 2004

I am running a amd athlon 3000 xp. I think it may be over heating. I have 2 case fans, another one on the graphics card and the processor one. At idle it runs at about 42-45 degrees and when gaming it rises to 51 or so. Is this ok ?

What fans and heatsinks would you reccomend, my current one is a akasa 3200 xp, i dont want it to be too noisy though. any recomendations then ?

  hugh-265156 18:31 17 Feb 2004

your temperatures are perfectly ok.

no need to change the hs.

  Matt45 18:35 17 Feb 2004

Mine average 50 even when I'm not doing anything!

  davy_b 18:36 17 Feb 2004

it is also pretty noisy at the min, any way of making it quieter? cheers for the responce
i think it is actually higher than i first said because i am taking these temperatures with ine side of the case off, i done this as a precaution incase i was frying the chip.

Jet/Aero 7 fans By coolermaster are good fan's...

One thing i would say is to make sure that there is a good air-flow through your case.

  hugh-265156 19:49 17 Feb 2004
  dfghjkl 19:50 17 Feb 2004

it will go up to 75 degrees,mine runs at 54-56 and is very are you taking the temp?i use "pc alert" but i find this runs about 2 degrees higher than the bios reading (i think the bios readings are more accurate) xp 2500+,1x case fan and a tower that is cramped and too small.

  Mister Splendid 19:53 17 Feb 2004

Try a copper Zalman Flower. I'm running one on an Athlon XP 3200+ and the temperatures are ok and it is quieter than many without being too expensive. You can buy them from click here

  Jester2K 20:46 17 Feb 2004

for future ref...

Your temps are totally fine, though having the side of the case off is actually not helping matters. Without a 'tunnel' for the case fans to pull air through, they don't work as well as they might. In addition this may help reduce noise levels with them back in place.

If that does not work, corrugated cardboard stuck to inside of case damps noise pretty well.

Very heath robinson!!

  Indigo 1 23:13 17 Feb 2004

Her's a good site for quieting down your PC click here

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