Fans Asus Motherboard

  clearwater 17:48 02 Apr 2004

I would be gratefull if any assistance on following. I have joined the club and subscribed to 'broadband', this results is leaving the computer on for longer periods. However the 2 tower case fans which are connected to a Asus Motherboard (P4PE) are constantly running even in stand-by mode. I have looked for various setting alterations in the BIOS and even omitted the Q-fan setting but to no avail. I have additionally tried tried varios power setting alterations in the XP power settings again with no luck.

Any suggestion greatfully recieved.

  Rayuk 18:12 02 Apr 2004

You would have to get a fan controller/rhoebus which you instal into a 5 1/4 bay to either switch them off or turn them down.
click here
just a few examples of controllers.and rhoebus
click here

  clearwater 19:46 02 Apr 2004

Thank you for information

  clearwater 19:55 03 Apr 2004

Are u sure you are correct, the reason being the fans are wired to the motherboard and according to the 'user guide' the following applies :AUTO FAN OFF; :- The system fans power off automatically when the system is in sleep mode. This feature reduces both power consumption and system noise.

  Rayuk 20:51 03 Apr 2004

Will look into it,but if that is the case I think you have solved the problem yourself.
Have an Asus board will have a look at manual see if its the same setup.

  clearwater 16:51 04 Apr 2004

Thank you for taking the time and trouble. For your information there is some confussion with regards to the Motherboard manual.The only refernce to fan turn-off is indicated above, but this does not happen when the cabinet fans (plus other fans) are connected to the motherboard. Again no further info is supplied with the manual e.g bios settings or jumpers.
However by 'playing 'with my system I seem to have solved the problem. In the Windows XP control panel-power options-power schemes change to 'minimal power management. This then stops the fans when the computer is put on 'standby', to waken-up the computer press the start button on the the comp. for less than 4 secs. and away we go again

  Rayuk 18:30 04 Apr 2004

Good to know for future reference,as you say its not documented at all.Have been to various sources with no luck.
Not applicable to me at the mo as I have 4 fans so use a fan controller.

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