Fanless FX 5200 class graphics card

  JerryJay 20:10 15 Nov 2003

Anyone know any Fanless FX5200 class graphics
card with both DVI and VGA?


  hugh-265156 20:53 15 Nov 2003
  JerryJay 22:44 15 Nov 2003


I want to get a 5200 because it has Direct X 9
support. 9200 only support Direct X 8.1

  hugh-265156 22:53 15 Nov 2003


cant read sorry.

click here dont know if its available in the uk though.

  hugh-265156 22:56 15 Nov 2003

just read the where to buy link and its not available ;-(

specs didnt look that hot anyway

  hugh-265156 23:00 15 Nov 2003
  JerryJay 18:22 16 Nov 2003


Thanks. I also found a few UK suppliers. Now
I cannot decide which one to go: Radeon 9200 vs GeForce FX 5200.

  hugh-265156 18:54 16 Nov 2003

the raddy is a directX8.1 card you know

even though the fx is DX9 is not going to be a flying machine either.

both are clocked at in or around 250/400

if you want to play up to date DX9 games i suggest you try a radeon 9600,its a good buy for the price.

ps the fan noise will be minimal.

  JerryJay 09:03 17 Nov 2003

Thanks! I think I will settle for a 9200
because I do not play much game. Noise problem
is more important to me.

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