Fan wattage

  slowhand_1000 23:22 06 Jan 2003
  slowhand_1000 23:22 06 Jan 2003

Could be something or nothing but.....
CPU fan started making a few noises so I bought a new fan (Thermaltake). The new fan states that it uses 6 watts but M/B says that connectors support cooling fans 4.2 watts or less. I know I should have checked before and don't ask why I didn't look cos I don't know (impulse buying I suppose). So question is would it be ok to still use connectors or would it damage the M/B.
I have plenty of spare connectors on PSU which I could use 3 pin to 4 pin connectors, which should be ok (hopefully lol).


  slowhand_1000 23:46 06 Jan 2003

Perhaps a refresh before I switch off, you never know :-)

  Giggle n' Bits 23:49 06 Jan 2003

Slower becuase of the Lower 4.2watts. If it really doesn't do its job and give a good blow against your hand when running then I would look for a better match but you should be ok as its not much of a diffrence say .8rpm if that.

Advise not to start changing any molex plugs just to fit to other devices though.


  1st RHA 23:49 06 Jan 2003

it would just mean fan will run slow and drain power. was it expensive, if it only supports this wattage, perhaps you're over doing it!

  LastChip 23:51 06 Jan 2003

If you go ahead and use the fan via the motherboard connectors, you will almost certainly end up damaging the motherboard. After all, you are proposing a load that is almost 50% greater than the MB supports.

If you connect directly to the power supply connectors, the fan will work, but the motherboard may not, as most MB's will auto shutdown if they don't sense a fan running. This is to protect the CPU from possible irreparable damage.

Quite honestly, the only solution to your problem, is to get the correct fan for your CPU.

Sorry if that's not what you want to hear!

  slowhand_1000 00:11 07 Jan 2003

Cheers all for the replies. Think it looks like a new fan. Anyone in the market for a brand new unused


  wawadave 04:49 07 Jan 2003

do what lastchip says but put fan sencer wire on fan sencer on mobo fan conter in sencsor position.this way you get unhinderd power and still get the mobo to boot.
have a nice day

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