fan speeds/cpu temps

  jay9614 21:36 24 Jul 2007

how can i find the temperature for the cpu? i use windows xp. also, what is the normal operating temp for a pentium d 3.4?

  citadel 22:10 24 Jul 2007

press delete several times on start up, enter bios, pc health, this shows temp of cpu. go back into windows after you have finished looking.
after using pc for a time, preferably doing something that taxes the cpu shutdown and restart and go back into bios and loook at the temp again.

  Miros 22:36 24 Jul 2007

Download click here Everest home edition, look in Computer then select sensor which will give you fan speeds and temperatures.

  Quiet Life 22:52 24 Jul 2007

Speed fan click here will give you what you want. It is free and you can adjust fanspeeds and monitor system and CPU temperatures. 40c to 55c is about the range

  Mr Beeline 22:54 24 Jul 2007

Or try a nice little program called CoreTemp click here

  Mr Beeline 23:00 24 Jul 2007

As to "safe" operating temps. It really depends on what chip and how good your cooling solution is.

As an example. My AMD Opteron 180 (really an AMD X2 4800+)idles at around 30C and under pressure reaches around 48C. If you want to check temps under pressure, try a program like SP2004 (GOOGLE for it if interested).

  Quiet Life 23:36 24 Jul 2007

Core Temp did not work for me on an Intel D930
2x3ghz processor. Message "This is not an Intel Processor"

  Miros 23:39 24 Jul 2007

I got the same.

  Mr Beeline 18:04 25 Jul 2007

Re CoreTemp.

Is that with the latest version 0.95?

  brundle 18:10 25 Jul 2007

Lots of numbers but you should find max temperature here; click here

  jay9614 19:03 25 Jul 2007

i have an intel 2x3.4ghz processor. i have just checked cpu temp but it keeps jumping between 38-47c this is just after start up.
i have an 80mm fan and the cpu fan. should i get better cooling? any suggestions?

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