Fan power cable?

  soy 18:12 19 Jan 2004


Sorry as this is not quite PC related!

I'm going to attempt a car amplifier installation in the next few days. The amplifier will be based in the car boot and i'm going to be making a flase floor which will hide the amplifier underneath. To keep things cool, i'm thinking of installing PC fans into the floor so that it can blow cool air under the floor and suck hot air out.

PC fans usually have 3 cables. Red, Yellow and Black. I just wanted to know which cable is the power cable.

red and black are the ones you want Red being +12 volts. the yellow is for the tacho and only there on expensive fans, buy cheap ones with no tacho and there will not be a third cable, you wont need the quietest fans on the market either.

  soy 19:28 19 Jan 2004

Great! thanks horiz5.

So I only need the red and black cable. BTW what does 'tacho' mean?

Can I twist red and black together to make 1 single cable?

  [email protected]@m 19:35 19 Jan 2004


  mosfet 19:39 19 Jan 2004

Is this a windup then?

  soy 21:00 19 Jan 2004

nah, this is serious! lol.

I'm going to use PC fans to cool my car amplifier.

Main reason is that I don't want the amp display for all to see and steal. so I'm going to hide it under a false floor. Amps produce alot of heat under strain so I need to install some sort of ventilation i.e. fans.

I read some articles and PC fans where mentioned but the problem is that I don't know what the 3 wires are that all common fans have. i.e. Red, Black and Yellow.

  soy 21:03 19 Jan 2004

ok, i've found out:

Yellow: Speed sensor
Black: Earth
Red: Power


  DieSse 21:04 19 Jan 2004

BTW what does 'tacho' mean?

Tacho = tachometer - and it means the same as it does in a car - namely, revcounter

  soy 21:08 19 Jan 2004

oh ok, thanks DieSse.

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