Fan positioning and Mouting

  nighthawk7 23:01 12 Aug 2004

Right this may sound like a stupid question lol but its my first job ive done on my pc myself.

Right i have bought a Coolermaster Aero Blower fan from: click here

It comes with 4 screw holes but no screws. can i mount this with anything other than screws, idealy i dont want to be drilling the floor of my case.

secondly what would be the best position for placing the fans on the floor of my PC. i.e. facing the rear of the case, facing the motherboard etc etc.

The reason i am putting some fans in is that the machine is well stocked with hardware and its getting rather hot. Ive also bought an exhaust extraction unit wwhich draws out the hot air. from click here

Thanking you all in advance cheers .....Mark

  footso 23:16 12 Aug 2004

From the looks of this, and the 80mm, 80mm note, it's supposed to fit a standard case aperture, such as you find on the rear face of a tower case.

You could use nut and bolt fixings, or get the tubby screws from a PC store.

  nighthawk7 00:58 13 Aug 2004

Thanks for that, i will have a look at weekend just to see if they do fit at the rear of the case. I have been advised though to mount them on the base of the tower, why he has said this i dont know!

Cheers Mark

  Bowsprit 01:34 13 Aug 2004

I had one of these but it was for cooling the CPU like this click here If your going to fit it to your case you normally use the self tappers for plastic but you could get small nuts and bolts in B&Q which would be better because the plastic on these is brittle.

If it's the same design as the CPU cooler ones it blows air out at the bottom so you will need to cut a hole in the case or fit it over an existing opening.

  nighthawk7 01:49 13 Aug 2004

Thanks i will take a trip down to B & Q at the weekend, you think they would supply the fixings wouldt you with the product, oh well never mind

Thanks anyway

  nighthawk7 01:49 13 Aug 2004

Thanks i will take a trip down to B & Q at the weekend, you think they would supply the fixings wouldt you with the product, oh well never mind

Thanks anyway

  Djohn 02:02 13 Aug 2004

Strange that the screws were not supplied but as footso says, you can buy 4 from your local PC shop. For good cooling a general recommendation is any fan that you use to draw cool air into the PC is mounted low down at the front inside panel and for blowing out hot air, mount high at the rear inside panel.

When you look inside the case you will be able to see the mounting position and grills for front fans, the rear grills you can see from outside the case.

Remember to fit the fan the correct way round. [Pull cool air in, blow hot air out] Try to get a balanced airflow across the motherboard if you can as the last thing you want is cold air being pulled in at the lower front and straight out at the top rear leaving a hot-spot inside the case with little or no air movement.

  Chegs ® 02:30 13 Aug 2004

click here

Have a look through my earlier thread.I was offered some good advice,and the result was approx 10°C drop in temperature during our rare heatwave. :-)

There are several pics I uploaded to my site of the inside of the case.Way it was click here way I finished up click here

This is the result having had the PC on 24/7 ever since(although it has also cooled down weatherwise)

  Chegs ® 02:32 13 Aug 2004

Motherboard 42 °C (108 °F)
CPU 39 °C (102 °F)

Would help if I posted the results instead of "Post Response" button. :-)

  nighthawk7 00:32 14 Aug 2004

I am going to attempt it tomorrow so expect plenty of questions being asked.

Cheers Guys

Mark (Newbie)

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