Fan noise when streaming or use browser

  gazmix 21:24 25 Apr 2009

My cpu fan (i think) goes realy loud when i'm streaming film or when sometimes my task manager says that my mem.usage is high in task manager!
Sometimes it get to 235.000 in firefox, if i leave it open!!

Am i doing something wrong & what what can i do?



  rdave13 21:37 25 Apr 2009

Might be time to open up the PC (while disconnected from the mains supply - obviously) and give it a good clean out, removing the clogged dust.

  gazmix 09:43 27 Apr 2009

This is my pc
click here
there don't seem much room in there or dust & am not comfortable with removing stuff!!

  rdave13 10:01 27 Apr 2009

I see what you mean. I only use 'towers' as easier to maintain. Use something like SpeedFan to check your temperatures while you're using the PC. If it's getting hot then take it to a professional to check it out and cleaned if needed.
SpeedFan; click here

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