Fan on MSI Motherboard

  BabyOp 20:58 22 Mar 2007


My PC recently became very noisy with a whiring sound. I took it apart tonight and gave it a spring clean. There was a little bit of dust on the CPU H/S and fan so I cleaned it all out put it all back together again and still had the noise. I have pinned it down to the fan on the motherboard if I take the power away from this the PC is whisper quiet, plug it back in and the noise begins again.

Would I do any damage if this fan wasn't running as it's not running correctly at the minute anyway ?

Does anyone know of anywhere I can purchase a replacement fan ? It's an MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum.

Thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 21:09 22 Mar 2007

Don't run it without the fan its there for a purpose. Without the fan it may overheat and you will have to buy a new motherboard.
It sounds like the Northbridge fan and if so failure is pretty common. You can either buy a replacement Northbridge fan or a Northbridge heatsink. I prefer the heatsink. The last board I had had 3 fan failures in two years so I replaced it with a heatsink. 5 years later its still going strong.

click here or have a look through these click here though most are out of stock at the moment.

  riiverstock 21:11 22 Mar 2007

In the last few minutes I have just changed the fan on a motherboard to a fanless heatsink like the ones on a graphics card.
I had replaced the fan on the Southbridge chip but it made no difference,this could be down to slight warping of the board.

I got the heatsink of a dead motherboard - the pinch out/push in type.

  BabyOp 22:17 22 Mar 2007

Thanks lads. Just having a quick look on the MSI forum and apparently this is a common problem and there are some suggestions on replacements that I can fit.

  Aargh 22:27 22 Mar 2007

Is it an Evesham by chance? They seem to run perfectly, but with above average noise from new on the MSI boards they fit.

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