Fan Help!!! Antec 902

  athertpa 18:58 17 Oct 2009


I have plugged all of my fans direct into the PSU (Dark Pro 650w), the PSU RPM control is plugged into system fan 3.

However when I power on all of my fans are spinning except the biggest fan at the top of the case (think its 200mm). It definitely has power because when I power on it spins for s few seconds then stops. (occasionally does a few jerky movements but not spinning on.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why???

Thanks for you help


  RobCharles1981 19:04 17 Oct 2009

I have his case.

Double check that you have the molex connectors firmly connected from the fan to your powersupply and come back to me.

  athertpa 19:45 17 Oct 2009

thanks for the quick reply, I have just noticed that actually 2 of the 4 aren't spinning, all connectors look fine to me

  RobCharles1981 20:35 17 Oct 2009

Double Check The Connections just to make sure....

  I am Spartacus 21:10 17 Oct 2009
  RobCharles1981 22:38 17 Oct 2009

Well Pointed Out I am Spartacus :-)

  athertpa 10:01 18 Oct 2009

will the 4 in 1 connector make them all spin?

They are currently connected individually to the psu via the small fan connectors.

Will the connector make any difference?

thanks again

  I am Spartacus 15:46 18 Oct 2009

The PSU is reducing the voltage through the fan cables so whether you use the fan or molex connectors they may not provide enough power if the sensor decides that there is no heat/load to justify it.

The Zalman 4 in 1 connector will provide 12v through 2 cables and 5v through the other 2. Unless the fans can be powered by 5v then they won't spin up reliably. Not many fans will start with just 5v although better quality ones will.

I would initially plug the fans into the motherboard. You can generally use fan splitters if you don't have enough connectors but your motherboard manual will indicate the safe load.

If you find them too noisy then they can generally be controlled through the BIOS or in the case of the Antex through switches for the resistors fitted somewhere on the case.

A Zalman fanmate will also allow you to vary the speed or you can fit resistors. The fanmate and resisters are available from the QuietPC site I linked to. However it's a lot cheaper to buy resisters from somewhere like Maplins and either solder them in yourself or use connecting blocks. They don't look very neat like that though.

  athertpa 20:04 19 Oct 2009

Can I fit just the fan that isnt working onto the motherboard system fan slot? I.e the 200mm fan in sys 2 fan?

  I am Spartacus 21:10 19 Oct 2009

If it has a 3 pin fan connector with wires on all the pins then yes. I did think that the Antec 'Big Boy' fans needed a molex connector though.

  athertpa 18:14 21 Oct 2009

Hi it does have a strange connector, but the connectors that come with the dark pro I think have the option of plugging into the psu or fan connector. Does this sound correct?

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