Fan Grrrrrrrrr

  NarcosisBoy 18:40 29 Jun 2005

Folks my fan on my pc seems to be turning alot recently. Not sure why but it seems to be when I run a media program that it goes fro about 5mins after it ends. Sometimes it is on and off during the day. Tis annoying me a bit. My CPU is only at 15% usually so not sure why it is turning.



  De Marcus 18:43 29 Jun 2005

Is this a laptop?

  Joe R 18:47 29 Jun 2005


it could be a bios setting, where the system fan will turn, when a certain temperature is reached, and keep going until the temp' is stable again.

In the heat we are getting just now, a lot of systems are going to run a lot hotter than normal.

A good utility, for keeping an eye on system heat generated is this. click here

  rubella 18:51 29 Jun 2005

Sounds like your fan is configured to kick in when your system reaches a certain temp, and your use of the media program is causing sufficient heat to be generated to engage it. After the “about 5mins” the temp has dropped sufficiently for it to disengage.

Have a look at what temps you are running at. Unless you have an ancient machine this will probably work for you: click here

  NarcosisBoy 19:16 29 Jun 2005

Yes its a laptop. Acer Aspire - 1yr old.

JoeR and rubella I got the links but are they downloads? Can't see a DL link on the Speedfan Rubella - or perhaps I am just a thick Irishman :)


  De Marcus 19:18 29 Jun 2005

direct link to rubellas speedfan download click here

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