fan control and temp sensor's what do i do?

  Haggismuncheruk 22:46 23 Aug 2005

I have just bought a 3u rackmount case and it came with a fan controller, it has the ability to monitor two temps and control 4 fans but it came with no instructions and i can see how to wire it all together but where do i put the sensors, do i stick to the heatsink for the cpu or under it or what? and where would the other one go? also should i remove the cpu fan connection from the mobo and connect it to the fan controller or just leave it there and connect the case fans to the fan control unit.

Any ideas folks?



  vinnyT 11:46 24 Aug 2005

The cpu temp probe goes as close to the cpu sa poss, BUT, NOT between the cpu and heatsink, as this would negate the cooling efficiency (the heatsink must remain in contact with the cpu, this is why the thermal compound is applied so thinly, as even too much of this can have a negative affect sennding the temp too high).

The other probe I would/do put next to the hard drive, if you have more than one hd, the chose harddrive 1, as this tends to get the hottest.

The fan controls I connect to the case fans, so I can adjust the airflow through the case (and hench the noise). Most mobos now have some thermal monitoring for the cpu fan built in and will adjust the speed according to need.

Hope this helps.

  Haggismuncheruk 18:30 25 Aug 2005

Thanks for help, i have done what you said and it works fine.

  vinnyT 11:51 26 Aug 2005

Your welcome.

  vinnyT 11:51 26 Aug 2005

Your welcome.

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