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  podlod 10:11 18 May 2007

Hi there, one of my games is playing up by stopping for a split secong every 20 secs, and I have tried everything, then someone said to me to try increasing or decreasing the tuner fan control, something to do with GPU, could somebody tell me what this is, where to find it, and how to alter it for the best? thanks for any help.

  baldtaco 10:29 18 May 2007

That sounds odd to me The GPU is your graphics card. It sounds to me like someone is suggesting that card is getting either too warm or too cold, and that you might be able to correct that with by tweaking “the” fan speed attenuator for that card.

  baldtaco 10:30 18 May 2007

That was gibberish. Trying again.

That sounds odd to me. The GPU is your graphics card. It sounds to me like someone is suggesting that card is getting either too warm or too cold, and that you might be able to correct that by tweaking “the” fan speed attenuator for that card.

  podlod 08:07 19 May 2007

Thanks for coming back to me Baldtaco, and how do I go about doing that? or is this not the prob??

  baldtaco 08:50 19 May 2007

podlod, hola

I don't think that's the problem. I'm no expert at this aspect, so hopefully someone who is will jump in, but I'm not aware of a graphics card with variable fan speed. This would be a good point to ask exactly which graphics card it is you have?

Further, supposing I am in error and your card does have a variable fan speed I can see no advantage to the advise “try increasing or decreasing the tuner fan control”. For sure the chip on the GPU is far more heat tolerant than the one on your CPU, but decreasing to deliberately make it run hotter, mmmm.

However, there could be some truth in there somewhere, only it got lost in translation. Simply put; check the fan on your card is working correctly, and your card is not overheating. You can do that by a physical examination of the fan and / or by running software [what card you have will determine which software you use].

Further thought is that from what you have written it seems confined to a single game and doesn't occur with other games? Which game? Is it a notoriously taxing one? What are the rest of your machine specs – how much RAM?

It might turn out to be something eminently trivial like a known quirk with that game for which there is a patch you can download.

I shall be MIA for the remainder of the weekend. Hopefully someone else will take this up. I'll check back when I can.

  podlod 10:54 19 May 2007

Hi baldtaco, thanks for coming back to me again so quick. I am going to explain everything to you and maybe you can understand the complete prob, and to anyone out there who can eliviate this prob thats been buggin me for some time now.
When I play a game, Rome, medievil 2, Command and conquer,and there is to much graphics the game either slows down stops or crashes and goes back to my desktop. With this particuler game ( Oblivion )it freezes for a split second whilst my character is running, and a message says `loading area`.
I have an AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core processor 3800.
Nvidia Geforce 7800 GT card.
CPU 500 watt.
A8N-SLI Premium 1.02 Motherboard
I hope this is usefull and someone knows the answer, Thanks anybody.

your gpu fan will be running flat out while you are gaming, if its too hot you usually get artifacts and often a snowy effect, what you have describribed seems to me like a memory problem in that the computer is catching up.
if its only happening on oblivion, the reason is the game is famous for its poor graphics engine and shockingly bad patches.
it's a good set up you have im assuming 2 gb ram? if not this will help greatly.

if you havnt already download latest driver from
click here
save it to desktop. remove 'nvidia drivers' from add remove, when prompted reboot, go into safe mode press 'f8' key double click 'forceware' icon driver will install and reboot.
when you have the new driver download
click here
which will give you every option for your graphics card, i would change any gpu settings or use 'tune my system' as it will overclock. just check everything is as it should be.
if you change anything you have to sign a disclaimer so you cant do it by mistake. but nvidia monitor is highly usefull as you can see every fan setting disk useage temps cpu details etc.
as i said sorry if you have already done this.

should read ' I would NOT change any gpu settings'

  podlod 09:48 20 May 2007

Thanks for all your help adman, and yes I have 2gig memory. I downloaded a driver last month so maybe I dont need to download just yet, but I went onto the driver link you gave me and they have added a few more drivers and I am not sure now which one to download? Any idea, maybe you can help please. Another prob is I am not sure whether to remove my existing drivers as I may make a mistake with the one I am downloading? Do you think it would make any difference also if I increased my graphic card to a 8.600 ?

this is the latest driver, not vista.
download select save not run, save to desktop, when it has finished remove 'nvidia drivers' from add & remove in 'start'>> control panel.
system will ask you reboot, (this bit extra safety and means you dont have to mess with av programs)
got into safe mode (tap f8) as pc is rebooting when up, (you will have very basic and low res screen btw)
double click the new driver follow instructions.

latest driver for vista 32bit
click here
and ntune
click here

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