fan is always on

  steve_rfc 11:28 17 Oct 2007

hi im looking for some advice about my laptop

i have a toshiba satillite L30 it been working well but the fan seems to be on all the time and does'nt go of ( well untill i turn the laptop off lol )

is this wright or is there something wrong with the fan ???

any advice would be greatfully welcome

  woodchip 11:45 17 Oct 2007

Go to Control Panel. Check Power settings to see if you can turn it off I can on my HP laptop but cannot just remember if its in the above

  FreeCell 16:57 17 Oct 2007

Check to see if any air intake under or around the sides of the laptop have become blocked by fluff/dirt. Poor air flow leads to inferior cooling by the fan.

Check processor motherboard temps with Speedfan.
click here

  Clapton is God 20:52 17 Oct 2007

The last place you should use a laptop is on a soft lap top which prevents the free movement of air under the laptop.

Better to use it on a solid surface so air can circulate underneath which helps to keep the laptop cool.

  steve_rfc 21:06 17 Oct 2007

i had the laptop taken away and the heatsink cleaned but the fan is still on constant

im not to sure about laptops i've had the toshiba for 11 months now but tye fan used to go off and on but it's now on all the time??

im just not sure if the fan needs replaced or not ??

  woodchip 11:48 18 Oct 2007

Have you defraged the drive in all that time??? as if not the drive will be working all the time looking for files. This will push the heat up

  FreeCell 12:35 18 Oct 2007

Unlikely that the problem lies with the fan. Its speed is controlled by the motherboard and it will increase the speed and therefore noise volume when either the processor or motherboard temperatures are high. Using Speedfan you can see if your motherbord allows check the temperatures and allows you to change the temperature/fan speed settings that may quieten it. Just make sure that the processor doesn't get too hot.

  birdface 15:18 18 Oct 2007

Right click Taskbar and select Task manager,Under processes CPU System idle process should be showing about 97% all the rest about 3% If anything else using a lot of the CPU let us know what it is .

  steve_rfc 18:54 18 Oct 2007

hi buteman iv'e done waht u said

the system idle is showing between 97-99% and every thing else is showing 00

  woodchip 22:41 18 Oct 2007

Have you done what I said above

  birdface 19:48 20 Oct 2007

Well if system idle process is running at 97% you have no problems there.I have a desktop and the fan in that runs all the time.I have never had a laptop but I would have thought that it would be the same.

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