podlod 15:38 07 May 2008

Hi, after working or playing a game on my PC for approx 6hrs the temp raises from 26c to 36c and then it crashes so I have to shut down, I assume it is my fan, as when I start the pc first thing it makes a slight whirring sound for approx 25 secs and then everything is quite, if it is my fan how or where can I find out where and what fan I need to order, and possibly upgrade. thank you.

  rossgolf 16:11 07 May 2008

the temp of what raises? graphics card? processor?


  Diemmess 16:30 07 May 2008

Could be any of three fans, or all of them dirty, dusty and aerodynamically inefficient with the build up of muck like fine dry clay.

My own PCs CPU fan runs fast on bootup, but within a few seconds runs more slowly and is inaudible, this is normal.
I think if a fan had failed it would either not run at all or would have been making weird noises for some time.

So I'm guessing, but if you feel happy to take the panel off don't be surprised at components that look as though they have lined the innards of a vacuum cleaner!

Disconnect the mains power cable and carefully remove the fan on the CPU and using a soft paintbrush sweep everything away from the fan and between the fins of its heatsink.
Don't disturb the heatsink itself which has a special grease to transfer heat away from the underlying CPU.

Do the same for the video card if it has a fan.

The PSU is better left unopened, but you can do a lot of good with a long fine paintbrush in one hand and a vacuum cleaner nozzle to take the dust away.

While poking around, be very careful not to slip and jab the motherboard. Make sure that any cables you might dislodge are firmly home before you close up.
There's no reason why you shouldn't try booting before you close the case, but be aware that some computers actually feed the air around the case better if it is closed.

  podlod 10:29 08 May 2008

Thanks for your response, when I say temp, i run something which I downloaded called speedfan and it tells me after 5hrs or 6hrs of work or a game, the temp rises, mostly to 36C when I have the time for a game after about 4hrs, now is this the fan or something else?
I remove the panel weekly and blow regularly with a dry air dust spray cleaner. There are 3 fans as you say but not sure what the CPU is, maybe you can link me to a website please that will tell me whereabouts where and what certain items are?
My PC specs are as follows;
1. Windows XP Home Edition
2. Board ASUS Computer A8N-SLI Premium 1.02
3. Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 3800 ( 2CPUs )
2048 RAM
4. Nvidia GeForce 7800GT
Also I would like to point out that after approx 3hrs into the game the sound breaks up slightly.
Thanks for any help.

  Diemmess 17:01 09 May 2008

The CPU is the central processing unit (Intel or in your case AMD) usually large and prominent directly on the motherboard.

The CPU chip plugs into the motherboard and a smear of special thermal paste seals any micro gap to the heatsink which may have lint or dust clogged fins.

To be sure of a thorough clean it is usually necessary to unclip the fan without disturbing the heatsink and the paste seal to the CPU below.

  Pamy 17:08 09 May 2008

How old is your PC?

  theDarkness 18:43 09 May 2008

If its the occasional clicking sound and possibly even a system reset then the most likely cause is a failing hard drive which is usually the first to go through high temperatures. Its a good thing to try and keep all hard drives well under 40C! I ended up with a bad clicking main hard drive as a result of upgrading my system but not fitting the necessary extra fans to keep the system cool-my time desktop pc only came with one case fan which blew in instead of out! I had to reverse that process to blow outwards and keep everything cool. After adding an extra hd and graphics card etc i also added another fan to the front of the casing to blow cool air inwards. Try downloading HDDtemp which checks your hard drive temperatures, i think it is freeware. As for cpu temp, according to fan or cooling setup this can vary, but it is common (and pretty normal) for many to reach temperatures of even up to 70C or more when in full use.

  theDarkness 18:57 09 May 2008

HDDlife is supposed to be good for checking drive temperature click here and everest for checking cpu temperature click here

  podlod 11:13 10 May 2008

Hi again, and thanks for your help in this prob.
My PC is approx 2yrs old so I don't think its that old do you?
A re-cap on what I was explaining regarding the game, i sometimes play to relax which it does tremendously, but after 3 or 4 hours the speech on the game tends to break up, and sometimes shuts down and reverts me back to my desktop, maybe this helps a little for info?
As for the CPU removal, I am a little bit a feared as I don't know what I am doing? thanks for any help again!

  Joe R 11:19 10 May 2008


Imho, i think your problem lies outwith your temperature. 36C is not a high temp for any of the main components, i.e. Cpu, system, graphics or hard drive, and should not cause anything to overheat at this temp'.

  Diemmess 16:55 10 May 2008

It was my guess at airflow obstructing proper cooling, but outside that possiblity, diagnosis becomes much more difficult.

I still think it is heat, (enemy of all semiconductors) but may be a single tiny component somewhere which eventually beomes too hot to deliver the correct voltage, and the rest follows.

Best guess is the graphics card, but how to test any part except by substitution is a real problem.
The graphics or video card is worth swopping if you have a lesser one just to see if the symptoms still persist. I can only wish you luck.

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