yahwob 11:58 08 Feb 2007


Was working away on my PC over the weekend when I heard a large “Twang”. Wasn’t too concerned because everything was still working and I wasn’t sure if the noise had come from the PC, TV or DVD. Then ten minutes later the PC suddenly turned itself off, no warning or anything just switched off straight to a blank screen.

Tried to get it restarted but it would not boot at all, usually only lasting a second or two before it turned itself off again. I then wondered if the “Twang” I’d heard did indeed have something to do with this so I opened the side of the PC and lo and behold the graphics card fan was hanging off inside the case!

There are two metal clamps attached to the fan unit on either side but I’m dammed if I can see where they go or what they attach to, they are multi directional. Now if I literally just place the fan unit against the metal plate where it’s meant to be it does seem to stay there generally speaking although it has fallen off a few times but if I replace it fast enough the PC does not turn itself off. However when it does fall off its perch it falls straight onto the graphics card below, which obviously isn’t great.

So let’s assume I can’t figure out the correct way to clamp it back into place, can I hold it in place any other way; I’m worried about the potential burning aspects of using sellotape or blue tack etc. And yes I do know that using that kind of stuff inside a PC may sound stupid to some J

Alternatively can I simply lay the PC down on its side and let gravity hold the fan in place. Would using the PC lying on its side cause any other problems?

Thanks for your help

  Gongoozler 12:05 08 Feb 2007

Hi yahwob. It's a bit difficult to picture what you are describing, but I'm guessing that the fan is intended to be attached to the side panel of the computer, against a grille of some kind and blowing air onto the motherboard. If I'm right, could you drill some holes in the side panel and screw the fan in place?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 08 Feb 2007

What type of graphics card?

  Gongoozler 12:09 08 Feb 2007

A photo posted here might help click here

Also - no, lying a computer on it's side does no harm except you might block the air to the fan if my guess in my previous posting is correct, and you might have difficulty using the cd drives.

  yahwob 12:58 08 Feb 2007

Thanks so far, the card is a 7900GT.

The fan seems to attach to a metal plate inside the PC. As I say I can place it against the plate and it does stay there, usually for an hour or two and then it falls off. All the time it's freestanding against the plate the PC works fine, as soon as it falls off I've got a few minutes and then it shuts down. The fan is still attached by wires and still works but is obiviously not cooling what it should be.

  Gongoozler 16:59 08 Feb 2007

yahwob, commonly fans are blowing on the processor heatsink, the graphics card chip and a large chip on the motherboard. Sometimes there is also a case fan which blows air across the motherboard. For your computer to shut down so quickly I think the csae fan is the least likely. Can you identify which component is intended to be blown?

  Diemmess 17:10 08 Feb 2007

........ I see it as the fan to cool the CPU and the lump that has fallen off includes the heat sink (usually a finned block).

The clips are ment to act like straps under the edge of the CPU socket. These can be quite stiff to operate but go overcentre if you see what I mean.
Try to understand what they do and then select the best orientation before you try to clamp them home.

I imagine the reason the fan doesn't fall off immediately is because of thermal paste which is not there to glue it, but for the moment is doing just that.

  Gongoozler 09:06 09 Feb 2007

Diemmess, that was my first guess, but I can't understand how a processor heatsink can come loose accidentally, usually it takes all my effort to get those clips to move at all. Perhaps the clips weren't properly located in the first place.

  yahwob 09:19 09 Feb 2007

Ok I'm going to show my ignorance here lol. The fan sits about 3 inches above a 6 or 7 inches long green circuit board which is mounted horizontally. I am assuming this is the graphics card!

As mentioned before the fan is pushed against a 2 inch by 2 inch metal plate which does seem to have some sort of vaguely sticky stuff on it. I've currently got the pc leaning at a 45 degree angle lol and this seems to be enough to keep the fan in place, used it last night for 2 two hour stints and it didn't fall off once. However I do realise thats not the best solution, although I did use the cd drive with no problems at all at that angle. I'm still thinking maybe laying it on its side might not be a bad idea lol.

  silverous 09:20 09 Feb 2007

yahwob do you have a digital camera/camera phone?

Might be worth uploading a photo and linking to it so we can see exactly what you are talking about.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:43 09 Feb 2007

click here
Pics middle of page is it one of these?

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