Irene40 23:04 23 Jul 2006

my computor keeps shuttin down on me, and come to think of it i dont even hear the fan going,does the fan have to be going all the time back off the tower,im thinkin maybe its over i know if the fan is turned on r not.My computor is windows xp

  skidzy 23:10 23 Jul 2006

Firstly take the side of the tower casing off and check the fans are not full of dust.
Post back if they are spinning.

Do not touch anything inside the tower when the side is off.

  Irene40 23:16 23 Jul 2006

there spinning, ok i heard as if something was about to load up on the computor that also too ive notice that it would shut down when that happens, i didnt know if it was the fans r something tryin to load up makin the problem

  skidzy 23:30 23 Jul 2006

Try system restore.

Start/all programs/accessories scroll across to system tools and then system restore.Find a date in bold when there was a system change.

Have you ran your anti virus and anti spyware programs.

  woodchip 23:34 23 Jul 2006

The one at the Back should be working all the time as it's got a lot off heat. it's the 240volts power supply

  Irene40 23:37 23 Jul 2006

ok this been going on for a while im suprise it hasnt shut down on me yet, i disconnected all the leads from the back off the tower took the side bit off took all the dust off with a very soft brush. But thats another thing there u mention, usually when i go to do that scan my comp for viruses i use avg durin the scan it never gets to finish goes the comp shuts down and blue screen and all i see is like umm x0000 something like that..i feel a nerd tryin to explain this lol as if maybe yur going whattt the heck she on about

  DieSse 23:38 23 Jul 2006

*my computor keeps shuttin down on me*

A few details would help.

What computer is it, with what main software.

How old is it

When does it shut down - before it's finished starting - after 15mins - when you go on the web - when?

What apperared on the screen just before it shut down

Did you actually look at the fans - you should - there are several, and you might hear one, but another one more important has failed. You don't need to touch anything at this stage, just take the conver off and look.

  Irene40 23:44 23 Jul 2006

after bout 15 mins when i go on the web yes, also windows 98, yes looked at fans theres two one at the back and other at the side,tryin to order something online when it last shut down tonite, software lol..umm..that answer that question wha?

  skidzy 23:44 23 Jul 2006

Try scanning in safe mode,tapping f8 on startup will get you into safemode.This will load the basic essentials for you to be able to scan.

If this goes ok,post back

  Irene40 23:45 23 Jul 2006

oh comp year half old

  Irene40 23:45 23 Jul 2006

ok will do that skidzy cheers

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