picklesy 11:51 06 Jun 2004

i am going to change the fan in my pc.for a quiter one and would be gratefull for some advice on this.what i would like to know is how easy or hard is this to do,what type of quite fan,how much should i reasnobly expect to pay.i have a medion 2.8 pentium 4 the pc is about 18months old.thans in advance.

  ste_bla 12:03 06 Jun 2004

Do you mean a power supply fan, a whole power supply, a system fan, cpu fan or a northbridge fan??

"the fan" is not very specific

  picklesy 12:20 06 Jun 2004

sorry novice at this i only thoght you had one fan inside pc.if it,s any help as soon as i switch pc on the whirring starts.

  ste_bla 12:29 06 Jun 2004

well most PCs only have 2; CPU & PSU

can you open case and see which it seems to be coming from?

PSU - Bow at back where cables go from/to

CPU - sticks out from topish of motherboard

  picklesy 12:36 06 Jun 2004

at the back.thanks for response.

  ste_bla 12:44 06 Jun 2004

well that means opening up your power supply im not sure how easy it would be to change the fan inside of it..

However someone in the forum is bound to know...

If no one else replies in a day or so just start a new topic asking how to change a fan inside a PSU (Power Supply Unit)

Sorry couldnt help

  picklesy 12:51 06 Jun 2004

no need to be sorry you have learnt me something new,i now know that there are 2 fans inside,and i now know what the inside of my pc.looks like.thanks for trying to help.i have to go and be taxi for the family for the next few hours will respond to any further postings when i get released.

  Dorsai 13:04 06 Jun 2004

click here for a site that offers quiet fans of all shapes, sizes, and types.
they do quiet power supplies, quiet cpu heatsink/fan units, and lots lots more.......
my order was recieved within 3 working days and was exactly what i had ordered.
Prices for PSU's are £30 up wards. how much do you want to spend........
cpu heatsinks £15 ish upwards. loads more- check it out. loads of quiet goodies.

  radi8or 14:59 06 Jun 2004

picklesy said,
"sorry novice at this".

Just a word of warning there is a dangerous amount of stored electricity in a PSU even after, and for some time after,it has been switched off. the fan is probably soldered to contacts inside the case and if your machine is fairly new, opening the PSU will invalidate any warranty on it.

but if you decide to go ahead PLEASE be very carefull, switch off the PSU at the back of your machine and turn machine on again at the front start button, turn off and pull plug from mains and leave for at least 24 hours to be on safe side. continue with caution, or buy a new quiet PSU from click here good luck.

Regards Bob

  picklesy 19:00 06 Jun 2004

thanks everyone for your help i,ll think it over but to be safe i will probably get some one else with more expertees to do it.once again thanks all.

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