Faluty colour display

  Ollyolly 20:26 04 Jul 2008

I switched my PC having returned from a week away to find that it is not displaying correctly. It is though it is only showing a limited number of colours. Possibly 256 or 16K instead of 64 million. I think thats the number isn't it.

1. I have noticed during boot up that the usual black screen which accompanies the white text has a definite green tint.
2. I have checked the Settings tab of the Display Properties. It is showing a Samtron 73V monitor and a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS video card both of which are corect. The colour quality is set to Highest (32bit).
3. If I then click on the Advanced button:-
The Adapter tab again shows the correct card and properties indicates the device is working correctly. I have reinstalled the driver but this made no difference.
The Monitor tab again shows the correct monitor and properties indicates the device is working correctly. I have reinstalled this driver too but it made no difference.
4. I have tried a system restore to 2 and 5 days before I went away. On both occasions System Restore reported a successful restore but again no joy.
5. I have connected up my old CRT monitor and reduced the refresh rate to 60Hz (the old monitor wouldn't accept 75Hz) and I received a perfect picture.
6. I tried 60Hz on the Samtron on the off chance it worked but no luck.

Does this mean I need a new monitor?

Does anyone else have any other ideas that I may try that could get a proper picture?

  ListysDad 20:30 04 Jul 2008

Sounds to me like a duff monitor as you have proved the video card by plugging in the CRT... sorry!

  Ollyolly 20:55 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for your thought, pity it's the same as mine.

  Technotiger 21:09 04 Jul 2008

I agree, you seem to have done all the checks, looks like a new monitor is the order of the day!

  Wak 22:21 04 Jul 2008

Before you dash out to buy a new monitor have a look at a little free program called GAPA.EXE
It sits near the clock on the task bar and can adjust the colours of the monitor to suit your requirements. I've used it for years and you can use it to get a true representation of your photos on the screen.
There are one or two sites if you GOOGLE for it.

  Ollyolly 07:52 05 Jul 2008

Thanks for your suggestion.
My problem was just as though the screen was being dispalyed in 256 colours. This was applicable to photos, the login screen, taskbar, colours on web pages etc. I wasn't trying to manipualte certain colours in photos etc.
Anyway I say was. I switched the PC on this morning and all is well.
So I won't be looking to solve a non existant problem or but another monitor just yet.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Thanks again.

  Technotiger 07:54 05 Jul 2008

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

Computers huh, don't ya just luv em!!

  Wak 10:25 05 Jul 2008

Pleased to hear that your problem sorted itself out OK.
Like you say, fingers X'd

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