False positive or not ?

  SB23 19:51 03 May 2006

Have just done a scan with Avast, and it turned up with alarm bells, when it found Win32:kuang2 virus.
Have had a look on google, and one site said that it was a false positive related to pcpitstop, which I do visit. The main thing is though, Ewido found a similar item, and 5 other suspicious objects
This week alone I've had 6, so called "false positives" which have been dealt with by Avast, but why so many all of a sudden, and are they all false positives?

Thanks in advance


  bremner 19:55 03 May 2006

Trend think its malicious click here

  SB23 09:37 04 May 2006

Thanks for that, but I have to ask, do you think its just better to let your AV delete these "false positives" to be on the safe side, coz as I've said, I've had a few this week, and why do some sites refer to them as false positives, and others, as in your link see them as dangerous. Who do you believe? because I don't really want to delete something that is in fact ok, and needed by one of my programs.


  SANTOS7 09:51 04 May 2006

MSIESH.DLL = Coolwebsearch trojan, seems to be related to this,
click here
the tool in the link should take care of it,good luck..

  gudgulf 10:51 04 May 2006

Remeber that one antivirus may well pick up the definition/quarantine/program files of a different antivirus program as malicious....giving a false positive.

Also some antivirus programs use more sensitive/efficient heuristic scanning(looking for unknown or new variants of malware) and could flag things as malicious that aren't.

To be sure........first off assume you have a problem.Let you antivirus quarantine the file so it is not a threat but still on the system.Look at the identity and location of the file to see if you recognise what it actually is.Run any removal tools such as suggested by SANTOS7 and see if anything turns up.Look on the web,as you've already done for any obvious answer.

Then if the tools don't find anything to remove and "second opinion" online scans find nothing it is safe to assume it is a false positive.

You could set Avast to ignore it.....If it is a false postive my guess is Avast will know about it and fix the error in a forthcoming update.

  SB23 16:53 04 May 2006

It only seems to be after the last update that it started to find all these false positives, so hopefully as you say, it will be fixed in the next update
Well, I've just done another deep scan, it hasn't found anything else, Ewido didn't find anything either, so I will assume I'm clean again.



  skidzy 19:09 04 May 2006

Have you rebooted the system yet,i say this because it may well reinvent itself.Make sure your recycle bin is empty also.
This link may help you if you still have problems.click here

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