Fake virus warning on innocent site?

  buel 07:51 03 Nov 2010

hi, last night i gave my brother his computer back after reinstalling XP+putting avg, superantispyware, malwarebytes, ccleaner and defraggler on along with instructions on how to use them+how often(+how to update them). 5 minutes later he rang me to say he has a window up flashing+telling him his hard drive has viruses, his computer has viruses, EVERYTHING has viruses etc. I advised him to run an ang scan+asked him what websites he'd been on, he told me of a seemingly innocent gun ammo website, i went on it on mine+had the same happen to me so i chose the red cross to get rid of it+it got worse. I restarted it+was back to normal. My brother now is almost too scared to surf the net. Please can anyone advise me how to avoid this problem? My brother feels that he cant surf for anything anymore after such a seemingly innocent Google search got him to that stage?

  Nontek 08:33 03 Nov 2010

Gun ammo ?? I would hardly call that an innocent site - guns kill!

If he is a gun sportsman I would expect he would get any supplies from a source or sources already known to him, or his gun club. I would have thought that on-line would be very risky.

Also, as the same thing happened to yourself, I rest my case.

Tell him of the millions of happy users surfing the web every day and night, encourage him to be a little more careful that's all.

  buel 08:41 03 Nov 2010

hmmmm....i think i should have explained better- it was [email protected] for just a small garden rifle so not that 'naughty'. My point about it being 'innocent' was as opposed to porn websites which i believe attract viruses such as the one my brother got. Infact, was it a virus or a pop up?

  Nontek 08:44 03 Nov 2010

More likely a pop-up I think - otherwise, you would probably not have got rid of it so easily. I take your point about the pellets!

  tullie 08:46 03 Nov 2010

It seems that you have a lot of friends with problem computers,are you sure that any software you are using is not infected?.

  Nontek 09:04 03 Nov 2010

I have just done a quick Google for the same things, but I Googled for "Air rifle pellets UK" and there were plenty of innocent sites - though WOT did warn of one of them.

So get you brother to re-word his searches more carefully.

  buel 09:23 03 Nov 2010

thank you nontek+tullie.
Nontek-i can tell you exactly what he put into Google if you'd like+which result bought the pop up up?
Tullie, i take your point but what it is, as i pointed out to a few people a while ago(i appreciate that you cant know this) is that i work in a factory where everyone who has a computer dont know how to protect themselves with antivirus so when the inevitable happens they come to me, i help them by doing what i can or, if in doubt, asking you kind folk+putting the relevant software(mentioned in my post above) on. This latest incident, it seems, was just a pop up! Phew!

  birdface 09:58 03 Nov 2010

Maybe make the one off payment to upgrade Malwarebytes not sure if it is a one off payment with Superantispyware.
Any one of those will give you full time protection and save you from what is known as drive by attacks from rogue malware programs.

  buel 11:23 03 Nov 2010

wow that is interesting, thank you! So what i want to know is being as that pop up came up does that mean that my brother's computer is infected?

  Nontek 15:16 03 Nov 2010

Most likely not infected, pop-ups are not generally viewed as Virus' - but best to run Malwarebytes to be on the safe side.

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