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  jerica 20:00 24 Jan 2011

Is there any way of really telling if your software is fake. I bought a copy of windows 7 and installed it and it works perfectly and it has registered. I have now recieved an unsolicited e-mail telling me that it's fake and will be blocked by Microsoft within the next 30-100 days. I've been on the Microsoft website and looked at what they say about telling if it's fake or not but I find it a bit inconclusive. I've also seen on a forum how a seller has been the target of false accusations of selling fake software. Is there a way of telling or have I got to wait and see. Help.

  woodchip 20:03 24 Jan 2011

The Question is, Where did you Buy the Windows 7 disc? Cost

  Batch 20:27 24 Jan 2011

Before going any further, ask yourself the following questions:

- Who is this unsolicited email from?

- How did they get your email address?

I don't know about W7 (I'm still using XP), but activation (not registration) did not require providing any personal info (such as email address).

What I'm getting at is, is this a scam?

  GaT7 21:01 24 Jan 2011

It's MOST likely a false alarm, but it could be true. This is what usually happens to users with a fake copy of Win7 click here, & more or less sums up my own experience. Activated, downloaded updates, etc & worked perfectly for months until the dreaded occurrence without any warning whatsoever. The product itself was a full Retail, sealed one & looked very genuine to me (to my untrained eye at the time anyway).

The only sure way to tell one way or another is to use Microsoft's MGADiag tool & post the report it generates at the official Microsoft forums (just like in the link above) with a request for someone knowledgeable to analyse it - this is usually done by a Mod there.

MGADiag download: go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 (or you can follow the link in this forum 'sticky' click here)

Subforum to post the report in click here (start a fresh thread there), after you have registered for a Windows Live ID click here.

Where did you buy it from by the way? G

  Ashrich 13:14 25 Jan 2011

Surely Windows7 as with other versions of Microsoft software would use a pop-up screen to tell you that you are using fake software and then disable all but the major parts .


  GaT7 13:30 25 Jan 2011

Ashrich, the trouble with most most high-quality Win7 fakes is that they are not deemed fakes until several months later. G

  jerica 14:33 25 Jan 2011

Tried the MGADiag tool and some chap on the MS forum says it's a fake.

  GaT7 14:46 25 Jan 2011

Sorry to hear jerica. What explanation did they give? Was it a blocked MSDN key? That's what mine was, & usually is with most others.

Where did you buy it from?

If it's a high-quality fake, you may be able to get a complimentary replacement via Microsoft. See my long post of Mon, [email protected]:52 in this thread click here. G

  jerica 16:14 25 Jan 2011

HI crossbow, had a look at the MS site but see no mention of a replacement copy, it just says they will keep your copy if it's fake. Just had an interesting conversation with someone at ebay who was not going to deviate from the script but I've opened a case, and have looked at the seller (who has now been blocked from selling) and they have sold a lot of copies of 7 in the last few weeks. So does this mean that the chances of getting a real copy of 7 from ebay are non existent.

  GaT7 16:38 25 Jan 2011

Yes sorry, they used to have a free complimentary replacement programme (CRP) which apparently has been aborted (possibly too many high-quality fakes for their liking!).

If you read this MS forum thread click here it says:

"3) If you're in the UK - and you think you've got a good-enough fake to enter the MS rogues gallery, then go to
click here - and learn how you may be able to get a real copy and license for free!"

But of course the link says otherwise now.

Here are screenshots I saved from when their CRP was operational:

- The MS forum thread 'sticky' click here (which no longer exists by the way click here)

- The MS website page click here (which has been edited since)

There could be some hope yet via eBay / Paypal - see click here. At the time they were considering forum posts like that one to be evidence enough that it was fake, & may issue a refund based on this. But please don't get your hopes up too high just yet! G

  GaT7 17:07 25 Jan 2011

"So does this mean that the chances of getting a real copy of 7 from ebay are non existent."

They are existent (as I purchased a genuine one from there a few months later), but you'll need to:

1. Be patient.

2. Ask every seller to provide you with a photo of the COA of the actual product they are selling (i.e. the ones who don't display clear enough COA pics in their listings).

If they don't reply, or the pics are not clear to determine one way or the other, do NOT buy. If they do reply with reasonably clear pics, go to step 3.

3. Compare the COAs pics with actual fake & genuine COA pics (I can supply these to you via email, so pm me if interested).

4. Do the MGADiag analysis soon after installing & activating it. If it looks fake on arrival, do not even open it but simply request a full refund & return it to the seller via RM Special Delivery (so fully trackable).

Other places you'll also want to avoid (or do similar to the above) are marketplace sellers on Amazon & Play or similar sites. G

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