Fake DVDs Has anyone received the following email:

  Storik 08:48 02 May 2005

Received this email this morning from a firm I purchased DVD blank disks.


The world’s largest distributor of optical media has uncovered a counterfeit racket that could cost the industry more than tens of millions of pounds every year.

The company which has the exclusive distribution rights to market leading data storage brands Datasafe, Datawrite, Bulkpaq and Ridisc, is warning manufacturers, distributors, webstores and end users to be on the lookout for a wave of counterfeit, substandard recordable and writable CD and DVD media being passed off as the authentic brands. The main 3 brands affected are Ridisc Xtreme, Datawrite Titanium and Datawrite Optima.

The group has even offered up to £100,000 as a reward for information that leads to the conviction of those responsible for creating, for the first time, a black market in the sector.

‘Never before have we experienced organised counterfeiting to this extent within our industry. The levels of success we have been achieving perhaps meant that it was only a matter of time before we encountered this problem,’ says a spokeswoman

‘The industry must gear itself up to deal with this problem head on before it escalates out of control and all elements of the supply chain are adversely affected by the influx of seriously substandard products. The implications are potentially devastating both in terms of quality of product for the end user and the financial impact this will have at every stage of the distribution process.’

The scam was uncovered after routine checks with its customer base brought the dodgy discs to the fore.

Tell tale signs for the consumer include reduced storage capacity, writable quality and visible imperfections on the writing surface while those further up the supply chain may discover the fakes through software checks and irregularities in packaging.

Official are advising all end users to ensure they purchase their media from authorised resellers."

Has anyone else received such a warning?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 02 May 2005

I can't see anyone making any money out of blank DVD's when they can be bought for less than 25p each. If anyone is going to produce counterfeit DVDs they will have a copy of Windows XP, Photoshop or an unreleased film on them. ^not so clever marketing^


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