Fairly Large Office Project

  Lord Justice 17:28 13 Jul 2006

Hello all,

My username is formally The Gnome, but I changed it, just so you know who I am.

You all helped me design my fathers website in the Help room forum.

So thank you for your help. So now I need help on a rather large project.
Well I have started in my fathers firm and one of my jobs is the running of the IT.
We are only a small firm. The previous IT people, cam e in, set up everything and then half finished and ran off!!! after they had their money!!!!
So now I am left with 7 computers in the office used by seven members of staff. and one server (z drive) computer where all the files are held. All the staffs computers can access this server and the internet via idsn(i believe).

Right so now i need to do a few things, so I will list them in order and we can take it from there.

I would like to..............
1. set up our own email server, at the moment we use a third party server and it sometimes goes down, so the office are left without internal or external email.

2. put the main program of MS office suite on the server and let all the client computers run it from there, to save it being installed on each machine.

3. limit access to the internet for our staff, as they frequently get virus's etc etc and spy ware that wreck and slow down their machine,(they will not learn to be carefull) I would like a firewall on the server,

4. schedule a back up of the files on the server to happen automatically at say midnight.

5. keep track of how much time staff spend on the internet. im sure they spend to much!!

6. i would like to be able to access my files held on the server from home.

Well I think that is all for now, thank you in advance, i appreciate i may have to spend a bit of money, but as always it is tight!!

I hope you can all help and get your teeth into this project..

oh btw, most staff computers run win xp apart from one that runs win me.

not sure what the server runs as it has no keyboard but i will find that out in the morning.

in the mean time. lets go!.............

  terryf 17:37 13 Jul 2006


  Lord Justice 18:53 13 Jul 2006

hi terryf,

Not sure what you mean?

Kind Regards

  Belatucadrus 23:58 13 Jul 2006

Hmmm I think translates to "large project and a lot of separate answers".

1,3,4,5 & 6 You're going to have to provide chapter and verse on what's running on the server before anybody can answer these.

"2 put the main program of MS office suite on the server"
Don't bother, use OpenOffice 2 click here instead. Fully open source you can legally install as many copies as you want and it isn't going to clog up your network when everybody tries to access Office at the same time. It opens Office documents very easily and if you're worried about compatibility, you can even set it to save in office format by default.

As to controlling the staff use of PCs and the Internet, draft a " Company terms and conditions of use" document outlining what you regard as acceptable use of company computer resources and penalties for abusing the system. Then get all employees to sign it, give them a copy and keep one in their personnel file. Should focus their minds no end until you sort out the server.

  terryf 00:07 14 Jul 2006

Lord Justice
Hmmm means
Firstly, the thread gets added to 'My postings' and secondly, definitely a large project, bigger than I would want to tackle and I know others who would hesitate to try it with your apparent level of knowledge.
However, the best of luck

  Forum Editor 00:14 14 Jul 2006

in our network forum for starters - so I'll transfer it, and then respond more fully.

  ade.h 00:21 14 Jul 2006

Bookmarked. Following this with interest.

  Forum Editor 00:32 14 Jul 2006

this isn't going to be a walk in the park, but you can do it if you're prepared to get on a fairly steep learning curve.

Before you go any further, I should point out that if you intend to limit staff internet access, and/or monitor their useage you must tell them (formally, and in writing) before you do it. Lay out your policy with regard to staff use of company resources, and tell your staff if you intend to carry out any monitoring of email traffic. Don't ignore this - it's extremely important.

More later.

  Belatucadrus 10:40 15 Jul 2006

click here= Nice link on how to draft a Usage policy document.

  Lord Justice 23:01 10 Aug 2006

Hello all,
Sorry i have not got back sooner but i have been exceptionally busy.

An update as to where I am.....

...... I actually found the server computer, it had no keyboard, no mouse and the monitor was not even plugged in. It was covered in dust and shoved undersomeones desk, humming and sitting there for the past 3 years.

I bought a new desk and carefully moved the server, cleaned all the dust out of the case and set it up with the keyboard and mouse.

I started the computer and found it to be running windows xp pro.

My first question then is can i set up an email server on this computer?

Next.... how am i able to access this computer from my home? is there a way? I just need access to the computers Z drive from home.

I bought a USB 250GB hard drive and plugged it in and set it up.

How do i schedule a complete back up of the computer to happen automatically at midnight?

I will leave it at that for now, thank you in advance for your help

  Forum Editor 23:32 10 Aug 2006

before I can offer anything like helpful advice:-

How many desktops is this server going to be serving?

Do you have a tape drive, or other external backup device - apart from the external hard drive, which isn't really suitable for a proper data backup routine?

Why do you want to schedule a "complete back up of the computer" each night at midnight?

You can certainly run a mailserver on the computer, but you'll need some software. click here for details of an excellent mailserver which supports POP3, IMAP and SMTP

There'll be no problem about remote access.

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