Faint sound from one speaker

  avesnes1 22:59 06 Jun 2007

Everything was working OK at lunchtime but when I switched on the PC this evening and tried to play music via Windows Media Player, the sound from the right hand speaker was only just audible. The left hand speaker was OK. This occurred with a CD and also from .wav tracks on the C drive from "My Music". I have checked all the leads and the Balance indicator is set in the middle. I am not sure what to to or where to look. Thanks in advance for any guidance/comments. (HP Pavalion 7670 running XP SP2 with Media Center.)

  Stuartli 00:02 07 Jun 2007

It's still most likely to be a jack plug connection - they build up a resistance over time if not occasionally unplugged and replugged.

  avesnes 07:22 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reply.....I'll try your suggestion tonight.

Just out of scientific curiosity, do you know why that resistance build-up occurs?

  wee eddie 07:59 07 Jun 2007

It's caused by Oxidation on the surface of either the plug or the socket.

It's actually quite rare but does happen. Many folk but plugs with Gold Plated connectors. That's overkill in my opinion but it works in theory.

  wee eddie 08:01 07 Jun 2007

of course, in reality and when one checks ones posting properly.

They "buy"

  wee eddie 08:13 07 Jun 2007

Will the person that sent the message through the Yellow envelope please own up!

No - I don't have a supply of "Gold Plated Butt Plugs"

Your comment made me laugh and I really must check my postings for before I hit the Send Button

  Stuartli 09:13 07 Jun 2007


click here

click here

The main reason I know is because my best mate not only owns his own independent audio/visual/appliances outlet, but has been a fully qualified electronics engineer for many years.

He always said, when my hi-fi system used to play up, to regularly operate the tone controls etc to keep the contacts clean - he's also provided contacts cleaner aerosols if necessary.

My own computer system's 2.1 speakers require an occasional plugging and unplugging of the spakers' jack plugs, especially the right hand jack plug for some unknown reason.

  Stuartli 09:15 07 Jun 2007

..."speakers' jack plugs..! even...:-)

Got a touch of the wee eddie..:-(

  avesnes 07:29 08 Jun 2007

When I got home last night, I switched on my machine and found that, bizarrely, it was now the left hand speaker that was faint and the right speaker was working perfectly!!?? To save my sanity, I got my son to check that the position had indeed reversed.

I switched off the machine and twiddled, withdrew, replaced and re-twiddled every plug/socket of my 2.1 system. Re-booted and da-da, simultaneous sound from both speakers.

Thanks again, Stuartli (and your best mate), for the knowledge/advice.

(Just out of interest.....although the HP Pavilion desktop is only 6 months old, the speakers are from a previous machine and are at least 9 years old.)

  Stuartli 09:25 08 Jun 2007

Glad it's sorted..:-)

Might be wise to tick as Resolved.

  wee eddie 10:04 08 Jun 2007

Hit it with a Rubber Hammer and then give it a wee rub.

You don't work for Weir Engineering do you Stuartli?

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