Faint horizontal lines across my monitor. Any idea on the cause?

  Viking Fire 21:06 07 Mar 2014

I see strange horizontal lines on my monitor when a game is running. They're clearer when it's dark on the screen. I've seen a few people mention something like this on other forums, but I'm unsure if it's the same, as I've tried all the troubleshooting tips I found and it still remains.

I recorded a short clip of it, to make it easier: click here best if you put it at the highest quality and full screen to be able to see them. I focus on a single point and you can see them "flickering" slightly.

At first I thought it was my graphics card. I changed from my 7950 back to my 6950, and the issue still remains. I also tried two different VGA cables with 2 different DVI adapters, as well as using the HDMI from my card to my LCD TV, and the issue showed on that as well.

I have a mate that said it was interference and to get a HDMI to VGA adapter, but I clicked that it still occurred with my HDMI TV, so that can't be the cause.



  aquatarkus 22:30 07 Mar 2014

Hi There what make of monitor do you have? It could possible be the wire frame that holds the LCD screen in position, Sony TV's used to suffer with this. Can you try with another monitor?

Regards Aquatarkus

  Viking Fire 22:59 07 Mar 2014

Well I've already tried with two monitors as well as my TV. The recording clip on YouTube is recording my PC with Fraps. So if everyone else sees it on theirs, then that means it has to be an issue prior to being received on my monitor.

That's why I changed my graphics card, thinking that was the most obvious solution. I tried two GPUs, two VGA wires and two DVI adapters as well as the monitors and my TV.

The only things I haven't changed is my PSU, motherboard, RAM and CPU. But I can't imagine if any of those would be the cause. The lines don't get in the way of gameplay at all, but I'll find it annoying if they remain there for good. This is a newly built PC from only 3-4 months ago.

  Woolwell 11:54 08 Mar 2014

I've looked at your clip several times at highest resolution and full screen and cannot find the lines that you are referring to.

  wee eddie 14:10 08 Mar 2014

Does it happen on all Games or just the one?

  northumbria61 16:09 08 Mar 2014

My comment won't help the problem that you are seeing but like Woolwell I can't see any lines in your video clip.

  Viking Fire 16:40 08 Mar 2014

Well it certainly happens on both Battlefield games. I can only see it faintly on Thief because of the really dark theme for the game. It feels like it may depend on the colour of the screen, as to whether it can be seen clearly.

What I have done is, I opened MS Paint and made it a fully white background and then I launched an application. Because it asks me whether I want to allow it or not, this makes the screen go darker. This combination makes it more visible to see but it seems to happen only when a game is running.

What I did is I had the Battlefield games playing in the background (as in, the screen was showing windowed on my desktop) and when I did the thing with the MS Paint and opening an application, the lines are really visible on it. But when the game is minimised fully to the taskbar, it doesn't show.

It's confusing me as to what the cause is. Since a previous post from someone says they can't see it, it makes me question whether it's all in my mind. But I showed it to my mate and he can see it.

I just recorded a 2nd clip and the lines are barely visible on it. I can see them because I know what they're like. I'm just going to swap my motherboard and CPU over with what I had previously, because the swapping the hardware over is the only thing left that I haven't tried.

  Viking Fire 16:49 08 Mar 2014

I feel that the lower quality videos from being uploaded to YouTube affects them. They show clearly on my playback from the Fraps folder but less on YouTube.

  rdave13 17:27 08 Mar 2014

Have a look at this and this. Refresh rate of monitor either higher or lower to what the GPU sends.

  Viking Fire 22:06 08 Mar 2014

Sorry, I'm not sure that that's the same thing. One of them states that it doesn't happen when they stand still. Whereas mine is showing all the time but it's easily more noticeable when I do stay in one location.

The first time I told my mate about this, he said the same thing about the refresh rate. I tried altering the Hz of it as well. The one weird anomaly with all this, is that in Dead Space 2 I can put v-sync on and it will stop completely. So that makes it seem like it's the refresh rate for definite. But v-sync being on in any other game does nothing and the lines still remain. I honestly have no idea if that makes it that, or something else still.

  Viking Fire 22:22 08 Mar 2014

There is also one important point in regards to this as well. I went back to my old 6950 GPU. I had that since 2011 and I never saw anything like this. But they still remained there when I swapped it back. I would have noticed them by now, if that was the case. I'm going to get my mate's very new Iiyama monitor though, just to be sure.

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