Failure of Maxtor One Touch USB3 External drive

  geewhizz06 13:09 02 Nov 2006

One day I plug in the USb and the PC doesn't see it.
No strange noises but I am told that masxtor cannot recover the data unless a specialist does it for £800 +.

The retailier MCM in Oxford is their usual helpless self.

What can I do? The data isn't worth that much - only my whole library of digital photos - I can just about live without that.

It's the principle of it.

How should I back up now and what to?

  recap 13:20 02 Nov 2006

Is the drive completely dead? or can it be seen on another computer?

I would suggest that you back up your data using DVD discs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 02 Nov 2006

One day I plug in the USb and the PC doesn't see it.

Refresh USB Ports
In device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB,
reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.
Your equipment should now be recognised.

  Pamy 13:53 02 Nov 2006

geewhizz06, what did you think the retailer in Oxford should have done for you?

What is the principle that you are reffering to?

  FreeCell 13:56 02 Nov 2006

Hi geewhiz.
I have a Maxtor OneTouch, earlier model, but it came with USB and a firewire port. Does yours and if so have you tried the firewire connection with the same result?

  woodchip 14:19 02 Nov 2006

I suggest you remove the drive from the caddy, put it in your comp as Slave. Change the jumper on the drive. Then if it sees it right click an choose Tools\Disc Checker

  woodchip 14:23 02 Nov 2006

It may be the caddy hardware that's at fault not the drive

  geewhizz06 16:34 02 Nov 2006

Retailer said I would have to send machine to data recovery company to be sure of saving the data. I think in the first place they shouldn't have sold me the Maxtor model given the reputation and secondly they should recover the data for me.

All machines cant see the Maxtor but the encouraging thing is that it doesnt make starnge clunking noises.

If you Google Maxtor and problem you can see why these so callled back up devices shouln't be sold!

  Pamy 16:51 02 Nov 2006

geewhizz06, How long ago was it that you purchased this external hard drive from MCM in Oxford?

How were you sold this particular external hard drive by MCM ?

  geewhizz06 17:08 02 Nov 2006

I bought it on 17/03/06.
I went in one day and said I didnt want to lose my data if my PC was stolen (a bit rife in Oxford) or crashed (a friend had jsut lost alot of data). So the owner said he had just the thing - brand new the Maxtgor at £141.00. Setting it up was a nightmare as it is the OEM version anyway I used it only once a week to store important files. It was switched off the rest of the time.
I have just collected it from the shop to ponder .... I have a quote of c£500 for recovery from a specialist which the shop thought was ghood. Doesnt invalidate the warranty ..... but then I dont want another Maxtor!

  Pamy 17:17 02 Nov 2006

geewhizz06, Now that we have a better understanding of your problem, I will leave it to others more qualified than I to advise you of your course of action.

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