"Failure to Display Security and Shutdown Options"

  cowgirl66 19:19 04 Feb 2011

Hi, the title above is the name of the error message I get when my computer freezes. And the content of the error message reads;

"The logon process was unable to display security and logon options when CTRL + ALT + DELETE wass pressed. If the operating system does not respond, press ESC or restart the computer by using the power switch".

I have Windows 7 and have recently reinstalled it so could I have done something wrong back then?

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 19:22 04 Feb 2011

To be more explicit, when the message comes up I cannont use my Task Manager, and cannot press End Process since this option isn't displayed. I haven't yet pinned down why or when the computer freezes. Please ask any questions to help solve this matter.

  northumbria61 19:25 04 Feb 2011

Have a read here click here

  cowgirl66 11:33 05 Feb 2011

Hi everyone, I have tried the Clean Boot method you so kindly gave instructions for but this took a lot of nerve to do as I'm not too up on this kind of procedure. I'm afraid nothing came of it other than when I clicked on "Hide all Microsoft Services", and noticed that one of the programmes listed, "iPod Service", was not running but "Stopped". Could this mean anything?

I have had to re-type this post on my friends computer because when I came here to give my answer above, the computer froze yet again! Same message, same error, same shutdown using the power switch again. Would a reinstall of Windows 7 stop this? I'm getting desperate now ....:-((

  cowgirl66 11:56 05 Feb 2011

Plus I've just thought,, sometime back I had to reinstall Windows 7 and have a feeling I put the Upgrade disc in the DVD drive while Windows was still running, and crrried out the Custom install from there...

I'm just clutching at straws but I am trying to think what I might have done wrong.

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 10:00 06 Feb 2011

I have had to reinstall custom version of Windows 7 (again) and still my screen freezes with the same error message. Thanks everyone for your help,

Regards cowgirl66

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