Failure of 5 x SATA drives at the same time

  peterbx 08:45 28 Oct 2008

In December 2007 I built a 'high end' PC for home use. I set up two RAID arrays comprising 4 x 500Gb Samsung Spinpoint drives in a striped and mirrored configuration, for my data, and 2 x 250Gb drives mirrored for my XP operating system and applications. The PSU supporting them was an Enermax Infiniti 720W.
This configuration ran fine for 6 months until the end of June 2008 when I found the PC shut down one morning. The PSU had gone into 'protect mode'. Enermax replaced the PSU under warranty but I found that all four of my 500Gb drives were blown up and also one of the 250Gb drives. I sent them back to Enermax UK, for replacement at their suggestion, and they confirmed that the PSU was dead and the hard drives were 'fried'. Their Taiwan office then asked to see them and stated that the PSU was in perfect working order so it couldn't have damaged my hard drives. They have returned my hard drives and the issue is now closed as far as they are concerned.
My question is, if the PSU didn't blow up my hard drives what else could have done so? I will have to re-build my RAID arrays at my own expense and don't want it to happen again.
My wife's PC was in the same room at the time and has continued to function normally.
Thank you in advance of any help or suggestions you can provide.

  skidzy 09:00 28 Oct 2008

I can only assume you experienced a power surge but find it extremely difficult to explain why all the drives were fried,normally the psu would blow and possibly take out the motherboard but leave the drives intact...ok maybe the os drive could take a battering.

Did i get this right;

The psu was confirmed dead and replaced,then they say the psu was actually ok ?

If this is the case,i think you have been palmed off.

Others may have there own ideas.

  Technotiger 09:02 28 Oct 2008

I am not that much of a techie, but I would guess that the obvious culprit would be the CPU, or failing that the only other culprit would be the mobo itself. Though don't ask me for a detailed 'how', 'cos I quite honestly would only be guessing!

  I am Spartacus 09:03 28 Oct 2008

I've had 2 hard drives destroyed by a faulty PSU.

What do Enermax UK say now? They had already told you the PSU was faulty and the drives were 'fried'.

Are you using a UPS which would help with power surges?

  peterbx 12:17 28 Oct 2008

Thank you for your comments and suggestions so far. I can confirm, skidzy, that the UK office said the PSU was dead but when the Taiwan office checked it was apparently in full working order. The Motherboard, an ASUS P5K-E, is fine as is everything else, just the hard drives were affected.
Cheers peterbx

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