failing computer?!!?!?

  darthballs 11:38 19 Jun 2007

i pretty sure about this, but just looking for confirmation really to show the "engineer" that has looked at my pc already.
it got sent away for the engineer to look at as it had a nasty clicking and squeaking sound coming coming from the hard drive, and all was running silly slow, it come back for him to the hard drive was okay, he had reformatted it so it did seem alright for a couple of days, but now...
the clicking and squeaking is back, when higher processes are being run, cpu is 90-100% and when you first switch it on, the screen is just black for about 3 minutes. to me it seems the whole thing is on its way out, but then again maybe the engineer who works for the company that would have to replace it as its under guarantee knows that as well, what do you reckon guys?

ps, no viruses or anything are on there


  Smiler 11:40 19 Jun 2007

Send it back again if it's still under guarantee

  FreeCell 11:46 19 Jun 2007

Find the make of the hard drive then download the makers hard drive diagnostics and run these. These will indicate any drive problems. (CAreful about any tests that destroy data)

Manufactures usually insist these are run before they accept a drive back for replacement under warrenty so will be useful in your discussions with engineer.

  tobyb121 12:29 19 Jun 2007

I believe I had a simelar problem, with my old laptop the spindle that reads the data on the hard drive came loose, so kept slipping, so didn't read data properly. Luckily I was able to manage one quick backup before my it packed in completely. It actually worked out quite well, as my laptop was under waranty too, but was an old model, so I got a brand new model laptop! I would take it in again, and then if it fails after that, you have grounds for a complaint, and a replacement.

  darthballs 13:56 19 Jun 2007

will a diagnostic tell if it is a loose spindle or something physical then?

  tobyb121 14:02 19 Jun 2007

probably not, but it will tell you wether it is running at its normal speed, and should be able to tell you the number of failed read/writes.

  FreeCell 17:27 19 Jun 2007

Diagnostics also read the S.M.A.R.T settings from the drive. These store information on various aspects of the drive performance and history. Some computers bios read the SMART settings on start up and it may be the reason yours is being slow.

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