Failed Wireless Network set-up - Help needed

  EFC1878 13:07 24 Jan 2006

I have bene trying to set-up a wireless network using Belkin USB adapters and have received some good advice via a couple of posts I have raised. However I have failed to succesfully put thes einto action so furthe rhelp/advice is needed.

I have been reassured that using the USB Network adapters i would not need a router and this was the essence of an article posted for me in a previous post.

However i am still drawing a blank i.e. I have followed the instructions [many times] but the PCs will not talk to each other - even when a laptop is apcved a matter of feet away from the 'Host' PC.

So I am now considering whether I might need to buy a route rand what sort, best price etc.

I have a USB BT Broadband modem.

I am told that as I ahve a USB [not Ethernet] connection that I would need to buy a Wirelss Router with a built in modem to enable the network connection. I am assuming that my USB adapters would then come into use to connect between the PCs?

Are my assumptions correct?

Any advice on where I might find such a router at the best price?

Please help a smy daughter is impatiently bending my ear in frustration at not having an interneoit connection of her own

  PsiFox 13:25 24 Jan 2006

So you have 1 pc that connects to broadband through a USB Modem.

you would need to setup Injernet connection sharing on the system that is connected through the modem.

Then configure both USB wireless adaptors to work in "AD-Hoc" mode.

The second machine will only connect to the internet if the first is on.

A wireless router will enable the internet connection to be independent of either system andwould be permanently available.

  EFC1878 22:23 24 Jan 2006

Yes I have one PC connected to broadband via a USB modem and I was looking to set up a network connection using the USB adapters that meant that the 2nd PC (my daughters) could only connect when the host PC was on and connected. That way I retianed some control over her internet usage.

Unfortunately despite a lot of effort I have been unable to configures an ad-hoc mode coonection that enabled the 2 PCs to talk to each other.

Hence looking at the option of a wireless router with an in-built ADSL Broadband modem.

As I understand it I could not use a standard router as I only have a USB modem

  PsiFox 09:33 25 Jan 2006

Simplest option would be to get an all in one

Netgear DG834G can be had for around £57 plus vat and delivery totalling just under £74

I have used the company here

click here.

Excellent service

  EFC1878 13:49 26 Jan 2006


Thanks for getitng back to me again.

When you say 'all in one' I assume that you are referring the Netgear DG834G being a combined router and ADSL modem.

Equally I assume that I would still need to network adapters to enable mine and the other PC to talk to each other. Given this I would also like to assume that the Belkin USB Wirless Network Apater sthat I have would be ok.

In the Netgear spec is says that is has a 'Double Firewall using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Intruson control features' -how does this react with Zonealrm that I currnelty have on my machine and would I need Zonealarm on the other PC also?

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